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Call of Duty Gentlemen Agreements

Call of Duty Gentlemen Agreements: too much or not enough?

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Call of Duty League professionals have been changing what is and isn’t allowed in competitive play since Cold War was first released. The “Gentlemen’s Agreement” (GA) list is constantly expanding to prevent attachments, guns, and utility from being used in-game. CDL Intel on Twitter has been keeping up with the expanding list of GAs since December, which is when the changes first started. Since December, six weapons, most Wildcards, three items, and most attachments have been GA’d from competitive play. Many Call of Duty fans are beginning to become fed up with the ever-growing list of banned items. There has been vocal distaste for the bans on all forms of social media, with most fans telling players to “just play the game.”

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Call of Duty Gentlemen Agreements too much?

Gentlemen Agreements have been hotly debated for years, and Call of Duty. Black Ops: Cold War has brought these competitive changes to light with professional players voicing their opinions. However, some believe that Activision should step in and take over the ruleset completely. Others think that professional players should keep control of rulings but loosen the restrictions. The removal of weapons, attachments, and items is taking away from how the game was intended to be played. These Gentlemen Agreements are taking away from how the developers have done to balance the game. It’s unclear if there will be more GAs in the future, but it’s likely as changes come to the game.

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