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After yesterday’s investor call with Activision, the community is buzzing about Call of Duty 2020. The publisher was hesitant to name a developer for the game, leading to some questions about the title’s schedule. This is the first time we don’t know who is developing the next game in the Call of Duty series. However, the leaks suggest that Treyarch is the main developer with Sledgehammer Games helping wherever it can. If Treyarch is indeed the developer, then they could go several ways with the game’s content. Though, sources still believe that a continuation of Black Ops is the most likely outcome.

Details on Call of Duty 2020

We have nothing official for 2020 besides the fact that it’s currently in development. Although, leakers are a little more open to releasing details. TheGamingRevolution, a popular Call of Duty leaker, claims to have sources close to Call of Duty 2020, which is believable since his previous sources did leak correct information about Modern Warfare. Here’s what TGR had to say about 2020:


Incidentally, TheGamingRevolution said something similar in the middle of last year, so it would sound like a more-or-less clear plan has been set into place.

If we’re to believe TGR, then it seems Treyarch is indeed the developer for COD 2020. They are the owners of the Black Ops domain, so Activision would only trust them with a Black Ops title. In regards to the actual content of the game, TGR states that the game is set in Vietnam during the Cold War. It’s unclear at this time if this would be a sequel or prequel to the original Black Ops released in 2010.

Regardless of the leaks, it’s likely we’ll hear something on Call of Duty 2020 within the coming months.

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