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On April 11, Heroic took down Gambit to win ESL Pro League Season 13 and take home $200,000, capped off by Casper “cadiaN” Møller’s one-on-four play on the fifth map to win the series for his team. Originally an attempt to get money for the next round, it turned into one of the most legendary clutches in pro play history.

cadiaN’s clutch

Heroic were on series point during On Map 5 of a seven-hour series going into this standout moment. It was an economy round for Heroic with players having Desert Eagles or P250s. cadiaN was making noise mid as part of a strategy  “to get a plant,” he said in a post-match interview. The plan was for the rest of his team “to go out palace.” However, by the time cadiaN got to A, Abay “Hobbit” Khassenov had mowed down the rest of his team.

At this point, cadiaN was “thinking about economy.” He “[knifed] sh1ro to get money for an AWP for the upcoming AWP round.” cadiaN gets $1500 for a knife kill compared to $300 for a p250. However, according to cadiaN, once he heard “this guy pushing me, [he] felt like [the round] was over.” Across the four previous maps, cadiaN consistently hit his shots and this clutch was no different. He wall banged Timofey “interz” Yakushin, who sat behind tripe, twice to kill him. Finally, he made “a small info jump on stairs.” There, cadiaN saw Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov, the last member of Gambit, standing between him and victory. Knowing where Ax1Le was, cadiaN slowly peeked the angle and saw his head in the corner of the AWP scope. He hit the flick that won Heroic ESL Pro League.

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cadiaN said this was the “most absurd endings to a counter strike game we will ever witness.”

The play itself is unique; it happened in the finals of the biggest tournament of the year to win the trophy. In ESL Pro League, Heroic was undefeated for the entire tournament despite having recently replaced two players on their roster. Heroic will play in the Blast Premier Spring Showdown which starts tomorrow, April 14.