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Andbox and Built by Gamers were eliminated from Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2: North American Challengers 1.

The closed qualifier for the VCT Stage 2 has already seen two teams eliminated from playoff contention. Andbox and Built By Gamers were dropped to the Lower Bracket by 100 Thieves and XSET respectively. Both teams were defeated 2-0 by their counterparts in one-sided series to move them to elimination contention. Immortals and Version1 were also brought down to the Lower Bracket after losing to Cloud9 Blue and Envy.

Andbox has performed consistently throughout past qualifiers, but has failed to make any appearances at closed qualifiers. Stage 2 appears to be the same story for Andbox who have looked solid but have been unable to perform when it counts. Despite their loss to 100 Thieves, Andbox was still able to push Immortals nearly to overtime on both maps. Built By Gamers revived their roster by signing Raymond “Rarker” Xu and Jake “POACH” Brumleve before the closed qualifier. The team was able to defeat Stage 1 Masters Champions Sentinels to secure their place in the closed qualifier. However, a 2-0 loss to XSET brought them up for elimination early in the tournament.

Andbox and Built By Gamers give it their best in the Lower Bracket

Immortals and Andbox were evenly matched in their match in the Lower Bracket. Andbox selected Split as the first map in the best-of-three which was tied 6-6 at the half. Immortals struggled in the second half of Split, allowing Andbox to go up 11-9. Four back-to-back rounds on attack propelled Immortals to victory 13-11 over Andbox.

Ascent, picked by Immortals, was a similar story this time with Immortals taking a two-round lead at the half. Andbox pushed back during the second half by taking both pistol rounds to tie up the series. Another four consecutive rounds put Immortals once again in the lead, but it was quickly matched by Andbox who put up four rounds of their own. Ultimately, Immortals were able to secure the final two rounds of the game and prevent overtime.

Version1, a recently formed team, took the team that dethroned Sentinels to a game three in the Lower Bracket. Built By Gamers took the first map Bind, which was picked by them, after taking the lead 8-4 at the half. Version1 answered map in overtime on Haven after winning the final round to push the score to 12-12 for OT. Finally, Verion1 demolished BBG on Split in the final map of the series 13-8 after they were ahead 7-5 at the half.