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The final day of the Fortnite World Cup Finals Solos competition started with a concert by Marshmello. The concert brought excitement to the stadium for both fans and players. Over 14 million players competed in the Online Open Solo Qualifiers. After five weeks of play, only 99 players remained. Six games determined the Fortnite World Cup Finals Solo champion. Ultimately, Bugha rose to the top after an impressive performance. Bugha is the first ever Fortnite World Cup Solos winner and walked away with three million dollars. Let’s break down all the highlights of the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals.

Game 1

Tchubb took out Coregaming for the first elimination of the finals. Arkhram took down luki at Westworld for the second elimination. Tfue took the Block relatively uncontested. Clipnode landed there but quickly disengaged. Not many fights happened early. A hefty 89 players remained after the first zone closed.

After the second zone closed, Storm Surge took effect on five players. Storm Surge continued to damage players through zone five while forcing the lobby to the east of Loot Lake. The lobby quickly shot down to eight players after the seventh zone closed.

Bugha ran through players in the late game. He picked up six eliminations late with five out of the last six of the match. The last elimination came with a shockwave play onto Kreo on the high ground. Bugha won game one with nine eliminations.

Game 2

Bizzle took out Hood.J to start off game two. Then he found a llama to top it off. Arkhram once again won Westworld over luki. Happy Hamlet was packed with four players off the drop. Bugha, the winner of game one, went down early to sozmann.

Storm Surge again damaged multiple players with the least amount of damage dealt. The zone moved all the way to the southwest corner of the map very early. Multiple players got caught in the storm.

Dubs and Vivid battled for the high ground toward the end of the game. Vivid fell to his death as he ran out of materials. Only Dubs, Commandment, Issa, and Skite remained. Commandment took out Issa and then died to storm. Skite made a desperate jump pad play to regain height. Unfortunately, Dubs ran out of materials as the zone moved up a mountain. Skite took game two with ease.

Game 3

To begin game three, Crue took out King before he could land. King had been in second place going into game three. For the third straight game, Happy Hamlet filled with four players. UnknownxArmy got a great start with two early eliminations. Aspect also looked good with two eliminations.

The third game moved more quickly than the previous two. Storm Surge bothered players very little early in the game. Then the game slowed down as the fourth zone closed. The zone moved towards the southwest corner again. This time it was not as far back.

Riversan took the high ground with seven players remaining. He punished players down below with an RPG. His downfall came from his lack of materials. Dubs defended the pressure from Riversan. As Riversan ran out of materials, Dubs retook the high ground and ended the match with a shotgun elimination. Only a two-elimination win for Dubs, but a win nonetheless.

Game 4

Six players landed at Frosty Flights to start the game. Chenkinz eliminated Legedien for the first of the game. Rhux again took out Arkhram early on. Arkhram was a favorite going into the day but did not perform as expected. Megga landed a beautiful double kill onto Issa and Maufin. Pika snagged a double kill onto Link and aqua.

As each game went by, the players became more aggressive. In the beginning, Storm Surge barely affected players. Pika fought Crue in the storm. He later died to storm damage as he could not get out fast enough. Then Storm Surge came into play during the fourth zone.

The entire lobby battled for the high ground late. Mongraal and Bizzle had their best games of the day. Bugha challenged players late-game. Mongraal finished in second place with seven eliminations. Ultimately, it was the crafty veteran psalm who eliminated Mongraal for the victory royale.

Game 5

Megga died early to Fledermoys to start game five. Tchub and kolorful picked up eliminations off the drop. Funk continued a rough day by going down to Zayt. Ceice and Bizzle both got early-game kills. King pulled off an amazing play with little health to eliminate Luneze. King successfully played these games incredibly aggressive compared to most players.

Storm Surge did not affect the game. The zone stayed central for game five. As the zones closed, the players moved onto the hill to the northwest of Fatal Fields. The moving zones caused engagements and players dropped like flies.

Bugha nailed a double kill with no materials and little health remaining. He received the builds he needed but fell to Pzuhs in fourth. Kreo eliminated Pzuhs for the last one of the game. He hit Pzuhs with a Flint Knock and Shotgun combination. Kreo jumped up to third with the victory royale.

Game 6

The action in the final match started with Klusia eliminating Funk. A tough day for Funk. Stompy took down Peterpan for an early-game elimination. Both Mongraal and Tfue got early eliminations. Arkhram and Banny battled for several minutes in an epic engagement. Arkhram came out victorious.

Players dropped faster than in all the previous games. Many players pushed extremely aggressively. They needed to have a big game in order to stand a chance at the top prizes. As the game moved forward, players slowed down. Competitors looked to disengage fights to give themselves a chance at placement points.

Bugha finished off his impressive performance with a five-elimination game. He fell in fifth place, but it did not matter. Crue and Tchub battled for the final victory royale. Eventually, Crue took the win. It was Bugha’s day and he is the Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion!

Fortnite World Cup wrap up

What an incredible weekend! The Fortnite World Cup Finals did not disappoint. Three days of competition with the best Fortnite players in the world. The event started with the Creative Finals and the Celebrity Pro-Am. The next day included the Duos Finals. Finally, the Solo Finals put a stamp on the weekend. Each event provided viewers excitement and drama. Epic Games put on a great event.

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