Bud Light supports Toronto Ultra in new partnership
Bud Light and Toronto Ultra logos for their partnership
Provided by OverActive Media.

Bud Light supports Toronto Ultra in new partnership

A partnership and a new public collaboration
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Bud Light is now the official beer of the Toronto Ultra, adding to OverActive Media’s list of sponsors with the Call of Duty League team. This is just after TD Bank became a sponsor to the Ultra alongside their other franchise in the Toronto Defiant. Both these sides have the same goal; expanding the Ultra within Canada. Being able to state that Bud Light sponsors Canada’s only COD League team is a nice addition.

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A toast to a new sponsorship

The Toronto Ultra have surprised many with their top-tier play in recent stages, gaining traction around the league. Now, that traction is leading to these sponsorships with large companies. For example, both the Toronto Defiant and Toronto Ultra have sponsorships with TD Bank, Bell, EPOS and Universal Music Canada.

Bud Light has been working with esports for a while. Some of these connections involve Evil Geniuses, the LCS and the entire Overwatch League. Furthermore, Bud Light Canada is specifically making this move due to the uniqueness of the Ultra’s position. Mike D’Agostini, Senior Marketing Director of Bud Light Canada, brought up the same idea.

“Continuing to expand into the world of esports in Canada is an exciting move for us, and we’re thrilled to leverage the Bud Light brand to help raise awareness for the Toronto Ultra players and gaming culture overall.”

A special edition can in the works

One of the most interesting things to come out of this partnership is a new public collaboration. According to Paulo Senra of OverActive Media, there will be new cans to celebrate.

“The partnership will see a special collaboration take place where a limited-edition playoff can will be designed and sold publicly to celebrate Toronto Ultra’s playoff run through the CDL Champs,” Senra said.

Being able to connect the casual esports fan to a team they like through special edition cans is exciting for them, as well as Ultra fans. Additionally, Anthony “Methodz” Zinni said, “We hear a lot about partners wanting to fuel gamers, and I think there’s a good chance we will happily use this fuel, responsibly of course.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether the Bud Light logo joins others on the Ultra jersey.

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