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Blizzard has tweeted out a fictitious Havana, Cuba newspaper, leaving clues as to information about the next Overwatch Archives event. Check it all out below.

Havana, Cuba is most likely the setting for this year’s Overwatch Archives event. The article describes a rum business named Don Rumbotico, which starts as a small family business. An “anonymous financial group” expresses interest in purchasing the business, but the Diaz family refuses. Afterward, their distillery burns down and shipments go missing, which causes them to sell the company for a small fraction of the original worth.

Overwatch Archives Havana, Cuba Overwatch lore
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Talon, a terrorist organization in the Overwatch lore, appears in previous Archive storylines. They happen to be an “anonymous financial group” and would be fine with using unsavory practices to force a transaction like this.

The possibility of an event

There aren’t any maps currently with a setting in Havana. Also, a second section of the newspaper mentions a storm hitting the island soon. This could mean an Archive event with heavy weather tying into it. The newest Overwatch hero, Baptiste, is from the Caribbeans where Cuba is located too.

Furthermore, a post on Reddit by a user named Karahe showed that the Havana newspaper’s metadata contained “OW_ArchivesPrint_Newspaper_SP_m07” as the title.

About Overwatch Archives

Overwatch Archives, a lore-based seasonal event, is a PvE game mode where a team of four players try and defeat waves of bots. By defeating waves of these bots, players can earn limited edition items through Archive Loot Boxes that become unobtainable after the event finishes. The four difficulties include Normal, Hard, Expert, and Legendary.

Each year’s Overwatch Archives event is themed after a particular storyline and physical location. In 2017, the game mode was named Uprising. Located in a reskin of King’s Row, players worked together to defeat the Null Sector omnics, a type of robot with artificial intelligence. In 2018, it was named Retribution. Located in a version of Italy’s Rialto, players teamed up and attempted to arrest Bartalotti, a Talon higher-up.

All previous Overwatch Archives events have begun in mid-April. We don’t yet know any more details about what the newspaper is hinting at, but stay tuned for all further updates.

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