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On day two of Blast Premier Fall Final 2020, G2 faced off against Furia, OG battled BIG, and Mousesports took on Astralis.

Furia vs. G2

Map one, Inferno, was Furia’s playground. They seemed to run circles around G2 and know all their strategies, putting up an 11-4 T side. Furia ended the map 16-5 to enter G2’s map pick with the advantage. Over on Mirage, the dominant G2 appeared starting strong on their T side. However, Furia used a double AWP setup, giving them almost all the opening picks, and put six rounds together on their CT side to end the half 9-6. On G2’s CT side, they dominated at the start getting match point before Furia forced overtime with four rounds in a row. The Kovac brothers were having none of it, and each clutched a 1v2 situation to end the match 19-17. Nuke decided the series, and although Furia looked all right, HuNter- had a great map and continuously shut down Furia’s aggression to end the map 16-11 and the series 2-1. 

You can view the HLTV match page here.

OG vs. BIG

On Dust2, each round seemed so close, with OG nearly winning a full eco round and BIG almost winning force rounds too. However, OG put more rounds on the board with controlled aggression, catching players off guard on BIG, and ended the half 9-6. The rest of the match was a battle between Mantuu and tabseN, but k1to stepped up to give them six rounds in a row to get match point before winning the map 16-12. Over on Inferno, after being down 5-1, OG dominated the remainder of the half with nine rounds in a row. However, OG’s CT side only found four rounds, with XANTARES leading BIG to get 11 on their T side and close out the series 2-0.

You can view the HLTV match page here.

Mousesports vs. Astralis

Mousesports, having picked Nuke, started on the T side. Astralis’s CT side, however, was dominant and ended the half 12-3. Mousesports pulled away with three rounds off of individual performance and clutches, and the map quickly ended 16-5. On Vertigo, Astralis kept dominating, going up eight rounds before Mousesports finally getting on the board. However, Astralis’s domination did not stop and the half ended 13-2 with Karrigan winning his team the second round. To start the half, Mousesports seemed to have woken up and won 6 rounds to start a potential comeback. Device quickly shut down any idea of this to win and eliminate Mousesports from the tournament.

You can view the HLTV match page here.

Blast Premier Fall Final Day 3 Preview

  • Furia vs. OG
  • Team Vitality vs. Natus Vincere
  • G2 vs. BIG

Check here to see the full tournament bracket and schedule.