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Treyarch is making a ton of players happy with its updates regarding the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War open beta. Not only are the developers introducing a slew of changes from the alpha, but they’re also adding some features. In a new blog post, the devs revealed that a new Ping system and a Field of View (FOV) slider for consoles is coming to the game. The FOV slider has been highly requested for some time by the console community. To see it finally in-game is going to be a breath of fresh air for both PlayStation and Xbox users.

Treyarch adding FOV slider and Ping system to Black Ops Cold War

A FOV slider for console has been perhaps the biggest community request for the past few years. PC has had the option for years and console players have been hankering for the same option. Well, starting in the Open Beta tomorrow, the slider will be available to any console player. Here’s what Treyarch had to say about the feature’s arrival.

We’re extremely excited to bring the Field of View (FOV) slider feature to all platforms for the first time in a Black Ops game, and you’ll be able to try it out during the Beta. This is another way we’re optimizing Black Ops Cold War for a globally connected, cross-play experience, and the team is dedicated to providing the best performance possible for this feature across all platforms at launch.

black ops cold war fov slider open beta
Image via Treyarch

In addition to the FOV slider, fans can expect a new Ping system to be included with the open beta. A similar system to that of Apex Legends or Fortnite, this is becoming a trend in online multiplayer titles. Essentially, you can ping certain aspects of your environment to help out your team. Treyarch went into further detail on a recent blog post.

For the first time in Black Ops Multiplayer, we’re adding a locational Ping system as a feature across all MP modes, allowing you to ping objectives, loot, locations, and enemies for your teammates during a match. From Team Deathmatch to Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, you can use the Ping system to communicate non-verbally with your teammates for increased coordination.

Players can customize the controls for this system within the Gameplay Settings. Black Ops Cold War seems to be innovating more so than recent Call of Duty titles and the community is loving it.

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