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Yesterday evening, a bombshell dropped surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. A Twitch streamer accidentally went live with some footage of the game from a capture event involving high-level content creators. The event was reportedly happening yesterday and the streamer simply went live while playing. Although this was likely an accident, it still revealed seven minutes of never-before-seen multiplayer gameplay. Some folks were lucky enough to see the entire stream and were able to dissect some additional details about Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War multiplayer details

While this still counts as a leak, the information is coming directly from multiplayer gameplay. Of course, the game is still in Alpha, so some aspects could change by the time November 13 rolls around. However, for the most part, these details will be accurate.

Our information comes directly from MW2 Ghost, who is known for having sources close to Call of Duty titles. Naturally, he watched the leaked gameplay that was circulating social media yesterday evening. Once the leaker saw the gameplay, he was able to confirm a ton of previously leaked details regarding Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

There were some more details about the game that you can view on MW2 Ghost’s Twitter account. However, the above tweets contain some juicy information. The leaked gameplay confirmed that health bars from Black Ops 4 are returning as well as the classic hitmarker noise. Also coming back from BO4 is the slide mechanic, which is said to be more fluid than in Modern Warfare.

Speaking of the movement, the leaker has stated that BOCW feels like Battlefield: Hardline in this regard. Hardline was notorious for being extremely fast-paced, which is a nice change from this previous year.

In terms of weapons and classes, the five attachment system from Modern Warfare looks to be returning. Also, shotguns are reportedly a secondary weapon this time around with the Spas-12 leading the category.

Lastly, red-dots are “99%” on the mini-map in BOCW. It was hard to tell from the leaked gameplay, but this feature does appear to be making a comeback.

We should start to hear more details in the lead up to the worldwide Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal on September 9. For all of that, make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports.

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