Black Ops Cold War glitch burns every bush on Cartel and it's glorious
call of duty Black Ops Cold War cartel bush glitch
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Black Ops Cold War glitch burns every bush on Cartel and it’s glorious

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Ever since the alpha of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, fans have had one issue with the map Cartel. Simply put, the bushes in the middle of the map are too big and intrusive. It’s nearly impossible to see through them which makes finding or even shooting enemies a chore. Back in October, we discussed that Treyarch needed to make some changes to this aspect before launch. However, the devs only trimmed the bushes a small amount, not fixing the root problem. Although, a recent glitch has showcased what the map would look like without bushes, and now that’s all the community wants.

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Glitch trims the bushes on Cartel in Black Ops Cold War

It appears the glitch is caused by Molotovs literally burning the bushes to the ground. Treyarch has not confirmed this but that looks to be the only logical reason. Initially, the picture of the glitch was posted to social media and it immediately blew up. Soon after, high-profile personalities and even organizations were tweeting at Treyarch to make the glitch a reality.

As the image spread around social media, different opinions began to surface about the bushes. Some voiced that if Treyarch were to remove the bushes then additional pieces of cover would need to be added. If not, the middle of the map would become a firing range and hard to navigate.

On the other hand, some fans were against removing the bushes, as they feel it’s what makes Cartel stand out. However, this opinion appears to be the minority, as the small hedges are simply too difficult to work around in their current state.

Whether or not Treyarch will heed what the majority is saying is unclear at this point. The devs have generally been great about listening to feedback but this would be a giant change. If any alteration were to come though, Season 1 might be the best time to release the reworked map.

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