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Easily one of the most iconic maps from the Call of Duty franchise is Nuketown. Since its release in the original Black Ops, Nuketown has been featured in multiple other games, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is no exception. The classic Nuketown map might not be coming to Black Ops Cold War until November 24, but players are already uncovering secrets.

A new video has emerged online showing off the newly revamped map and how to unlock it for yourself. In a now-deleted Reddit post, user PimpOutMyPC appears to have found a way to access the map early. PimpOutMyPC claims to have glitched into a custom game where they were able to play on Nuketown. Once they had some time to explore, the Redditor was able to unlock a little Easter egg.


To gain access to the rad 80s themed filter, players must shoot the head of each mannequin found in various places around the map. Once all the heads have been demolished, the game adds an amazing vaporwave filter and music.

Triggering the Easter egg is similar to the previous Call of Duty games. In Black Ops 3, shooting all the mannequins turned them into zombies. Black Ops 4 is a little more dramatic, with a rocket opening up in the center of the map, taking off, and eventually exploding to rain zombies down on players.

Dropping at the same time the map is the Nuketown Weapon Bundle. This 10-item pack features a shotgun weapon blueprint, mannequin weapon charms, as well as a new sticker, emblem, and calling card. The bundle is available now for free so go claim it before it disappears on December 4.

For more Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War news, updates, and make sure to follow Daily Esports and we’ll see you in Nuketown on November 24.

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