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Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist available today on PS4

Today, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 fans can get their itchy trigger fingers on the latest and greatest update from Treyarch, Operation Grand Heist. As a reminder, this is just for PS4 at the moment. Operation Grand Heist promises to bring a new season of content to Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout well into April. So, what sort of content are we looking at? I’ll highlight the juicy stuff.

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Multiplayer is being graced with the presence of a new specialist called Outrider. She comes to Black Ops 4 packing a Hawk drone that automatically highlights enemies within its field of view. Her Special Issue Weapon, the Sparrow, can fire precision explosive-tipped arrows. She can be accessed in Tier 1 of this season.

The game mode One in the Chamber! returns. In this mode, players will be armed with a single bullet and three lives. You must kill your opponent with either that solitary bullet or melee attacks in order to receive another bullet and 100 points. The one with the most points wins. Other modes will debut throughout this season. Alongside these modes, alternate versions of current multiplayer maps will be added with different lighting and weather effects.

In the weapons department, the Switchblade X9 will be added to the obtainable arsenal. The Switchblade X9 is a folding SMG that is quick and easy to handle for high-stress situations. A fully automatic shotgun, Rampage, has also been added and promises to bring the hurt at close range. And finally, a melee weapon called Cha-Ching! — essentially a money bag — will be available.

Blackout and Zombies

The Blackout map is also receiving some updates. An era called Ghost Town has been added to the map. This western-style turf resurrects the Black Ops II map Standoff with a bit of western flair. Players will be able to go underground and explore the interconnected caverns below. Of course, this underground area may be teeming with zombies.

And last but not least, Zombies will receive a new gauntlet called Death-Con Five. Basically, players will have to survive the hordes of the undead within the halls of the Pentagon.

Want more?

Check out the graphic below, or go directly to the official Operation Grand Heist posting from Treyarch for a detailed look at the latest update. As always, there are tweaks, cosmetics, and items added to the game.

Of course, all of the additions across these three game modes will come with new items in the Black Market. There will be 100 new tiers that come complete with new contraband weapons, signature weapons, camos, outfits, and more. Also, those who purchased a Black Ops pass will receive some goodies, as well. So, be sure to hop into Black Ops 4 for additional content, and let us know what you think of the new Operation Grand Heist season in the comments section below!

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