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Check out part 1 of our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Heist guide.

Primary Weapons

Call of Duty fans are likely familiar with the various primary weapon categories. They are organized a little differently in Black Ops 4, but newcomers to the series or players who aren’t as proficient in FPS mechanics should pick up the Hades light machine gun. This weapon and its accompanying upgrades make for a rather smooth rate of fire with minimal recoil, and it really packs a punch once outfitted with the first FMJ upgrade. The later upgrades will only improve its handling stability, making it even easier to handle than it already is. If you manage to rack up just a little bit of cash on your own, the end of the round (despite a loss) will grant you enough cash to make up the difference for the $1,750 price tag in the second round.

The submachine guns category contains weaponry that is quicker to snap in and out of it when aiming, but the recoil is a bit more difficult to maintain unless you know what you’re doing. Assault rifles lie somewhere in the middle between the effective fire of the light machine guns and the speed of fire and handling of the submachine guns. However, I still point to the light machine guns for starters as a good place to begin. Reloading is not nearly as frequent, and the weaponry is built for stability.

Body Armor

Body Armor can mean life or death. So if you have the spare cash in later rounds, it’s worth the investment. The light armor is $500 while the medium armor jumps up to $1,500. The heavy armor will cost you $2,000. Their effectiveness is exactly as it seems; they each add a buffer to your health that is respective to the grade of armor you purchase.


Do you remember how I said that many people use the Seeker Mine? That’s because it’s effective. It tracks the nearest enemy and zaps them so you can move in for the kill. That is — as long as they don’t see it coming and shoot the mine before it reaches them. If you purchase this item, refrain from using it right out of the gate. Many tend to do this. At times, it can be a fatal misstep as the enemy it leads you to might have buddies with him. Strategize its use. If you’ve been spotted and you back up behind cover, deploy it. Even if they see it coming and shoot it, it’s plenty of a distraction for you to turn the tables.

The Cluster Grenade is also a worthy purchase as it has a wide blast radius with its individual clusters exploding. It’s another great tool that you can use to clear out enemies that are holding up somewhere for cover. Again, even in the off chance that the grenade’s wide reach doesn’t bring them down, it’ll flush them out, enabling you to go right in for the kill.

The Sensor Dart can be hugely beneficial as well as it unveils a significant chunk of the area it’s deployed in, showing you enemy dots on the radar in real time. If you know where the extraction point is (indicated by red smoke), then you can deploy the Sensor Dart around that area to either track the enemy coming with the cash or defend against incoming enemies easier while extracting the cash yourself. All three of these items I’ve highlighted cost $750. They will be easy to purchase in the third and fourth rounds once you’ve picked your primary weapon.


Scorestreaks are a mainstay of Call of Duty. But in the Black Ops 4 Heist mode, they can be purchased instead of earned in the traditional manner. Frequently, players will either jump for the RC-XD at $2,500 or save up for the Hellstorm Missile barrage priced at $4,000. The problem with the RC-XD is the initial explosion will only knock an enemy down where he’ll be looking for a revive. So unless you’re close by to finish him off, there’s no guarantee he’ll stay down. It can be useful, but just keep that in mind. The same goes for the Dart Drone.

While the Lightning Strike and Attack Chopper can be devastating in their own right, they seem to be much easier to avoid. Players generally go for the Hellstorm. In the third and fourth rounds (depending on how well the other team is performing), keep an ear out for the announcement of a hostile Hellstorm. I’ve seen entire teams be taken out in one swoop with one. In fact, I’ve been one of those guys to do just that. The missile barrage launches early shots that lock on to opponents and bring them down. Then the wide blast radius of the player-controlled missile itself finishes everyone off that is waiting for a revive.

Now, the game won’t allow players to use a Hellstorm right at the very start of the match; they have to wait a few seconds. So in later rounds, be sure you’re close to indoor shelter in case you hear the warning. When it comes, it’s swift. This is the exact reason why it is also beneficial for you to save for it. It can really turn the tide and offer up a win if used right.

The map

Now that you’ve outfitted yourself for any given round, you must take action. Obviously, all maps in Black Ops 4 are different. But one consistency of Heist mode is that the bag of cash will be positioned to either the left or right side of the map midway through. Many teams prefer to head directly for the bag of cash and clash with the opposition that may come. However, with this in mind, you could choose to possibly flank the opposing team instead.

Flanking opponents is always the best strategy when available in any Call of Duty. Why? Because it typically means your opponent isn’t afforded the opportunity to fire back. And given that there are very skilled players out there, you have to do whatever you can to level the playing field. That means less-skilled players must strategize and use their brains. Flanking isn’t always so easy. Your opponent may have thought of the exact same strategy. However, traveling up the side of the map that doesn’t contain the bag of cash is typically the path of least resistance. And you can circle back to the point of the cash and potentially catch enemies off guard.

Remember the Tracker perk? This perk will greatly help you in your quest to flank the enemy. It literally highlights the enemy’s trajectory for you. You can either follow it and take them from behind in hopes they don’t turn around, or you can head them off from a different angle if the option is available.

That concludes this guide on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Heist mode. Hopefully, you’re better equipped to handle yourself when going after that sweet, sweet money. Heist is an exciting and fun mode. Just pay attention to the trends of your opponents match after match, and maybe you can learn something there, as well. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more tips, tricks, and news on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.