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Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg’s name has been synonymous with winning ever since North American fans first watched his LeBlanc one-shot Lemondog’s carries at Battle of the Atlantic 2013. Despite the ups and downs of his career, the mid laner’s seemingly miraculous ability to lead his team to victory against the odds never failed to captivate audiences around the world.

That’s why it was such a big deal when Bjergsen announced his retirement, and an even bigger deal when he finally left TSM to join Team Liquid after giving eight years of his life to the org.

The League of Legends Championship Series 2022 Lock In tournament was a fresh start for Bjergsen. The last time Bjergsen played a professional match was in the last game of TSM’s winless 2020 World Championship run. Anyone would be rusty after a full year of absence from competitive play but, in making his re-debut in the LCS, Bjergsen would also be staking part of his reputation.

That’s why Team Liquid’s 3-0 victory over the previously undefeated Evil Geniuses lineup is so significant. While the org adds a second-consecutive Lock In trophy to its collection, Bjergsen walks away with a 11/2/22 total series KDA.

Bjergsen is back, he has a strong team behind him and he’s still got what it takes to win.

Bjergsen’s second start at the LCS Lock In

Bjergsen’s return to the LCS can be summed up perfectly by his final quote in a broadcast interview ahead of Team Liquid’s series against Dignitas QNTMPAY in the Lock In quarterfinals.

“I’m gonna kill Biofrost,” Bjergsen said about his old TSM teammate.

Bjergsen’s journey with TSM in the LCS was shrouded in what-ifs. What if Bjergsen had better teammates? What if Bjergsen joined a different team? What if Bjergsen is actually the problem? While his comment about the former TSM support was made purely as a joke between friends, it hammered in the simple fact that, for the first time in eight years, he would be wearing a different jersey. And, with a fresh start on a new team, his legacy as an individual player and teammate would be tested.

Unencumbered by the pressure of delivering wins to TSM fans, Bjergsen heads into uncharted territory in 2022. Until this month, no one knew what Bjergsen’s potential was outside of TSM’s ecosystem. If Lock In is any indicator of what could be in store, we may see him achieve even greater heights than before.

In three weeks of Lock In play spanning 12 games, Bjergsen raked in a 16.9 KDA. The tournament may have started out slow for Team Liquid overall, due in part to incorporating multiple rosters and navigating sickness internally, but Bjergsen certainly played a crucial part in the team’s run. He even earned himself the series MVP award. Team Liquid Head coach André “Guilhoto” Pereira Guilhoto believes Bjergsen’s value to the team cannot be understated.

“He’s someone that has been incredible to work with,” said Guilhoto. “Not only by who he is — his drive to win, compete and be the best — is still there after all these years and that’s not only super good to work with but also inspiring.”

No time to be content

Reunited with his 2015 TSM jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen, Bjergsen may have found the perfect new home for himself in Team Liquid. Between subbing in for the team’s Academy line up and helping streamline the team’s integration of multiple players throughout Lock In, it’s safe to say that he’s prepared to give his all to the org. 

“Obviously, Bjergsen has a lot of responsibility,” said Guilhoto. “He’s someone that’s always going to give his all, whatever that is on the day, and that’s literally the only thing that a coach can ask for from a player. He helped with integrating Eyla and Yeon a lot.”

While eyes have rightfully been on Bjergsen’s return during Lock In, the sheer amount of additional storylines accompanying young players in the tournament showcased how many rising stars are hungry to spoil the king’s comeback. 

In his first LCS final since 2020, Bjergsen faced Evil Geniuses mid lane wunderkind Joseph “jojopyun” Joon Pyun, who certainly gave the veteran a run for his money in finals and throughout Lock In in general. With so many LCS teams still waiting to showcase their intended starting lineups as well, it’s too early to say whether or not Bjergsen and the rest of the Team Liquid “superteam” completely run over the league when the regular season kicks off on Saturday.

To already add to his impressive trophy case, after just three weeks back, speaks volumes about his skill, but the LCS is a marathon, not a sprint.

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