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BISONS ECLUB locked in AD Carry Nasus in their playoffs match of LVP Superliga Spring 2022 against G2 Arctic on Thursday. Nasus, who is typically seen as a top laner, was picked specifically as a counter to the enemy Zeri.

BISONS’ ADC Frederik “Guubi” Mortensen took the Nasus bot even though he ordinarily plays more traditional carry champions like Kai’Sa and Ezreal. Víctor “Oscure” Guzmán played a Senna support to supply some much-needed range in the matchup.

BISONS ECLUB lock in Nasus ADC in their Superliga playoffs
BISONS ECLUB lock in Nasus ADC in their Superliga playoffs. | Provided by LVPes

The laning phase didn’t favor the BISONS side at all, with the G2 Arctic duo of Zeri and Renata Glasc poking the Nasus and managing to accrue a farm lead. But Guubi was able to show off the counter pick when he managed to solo kill David “Supa” Martinez Garcia’s Zeri later in the match.

Guubi showed what makes Nasus a strong pick into ADC’s like Zeri and Kalista, which is his Wither ability. Wither applies a huge slow to the ordinarily mobile ADC that allowed Nasus to catch up and do some massive damage with his Q.

Although the match was somewhat close, BISONS were able to take the win in 33 minutes, putting them up one in the best of five series. Obviously G2 Arctic didn’t think the Nasus was the problem because the draft for Game 2 was almost identical. This time Supa’s Zeri came out on top of the Nasus and G2 Arctic took a resounding victory to tie up the series.

The winner of the series will go on to play KOI in the next round.

LS weighs in on bot Nasus

Nick “LS” De Cesare weighed in on Twitter. He is an advocate for using Nasus to counter Kalista and Zeri, and was pleased to see it being picked in the Superliga.

LS thought that using an AP Nasus support build would also be a viable option. Nasus can still use Wither to slow down the ADC while also using his E to poke from range. Nasus’s E also shreds Armor, which makes him pair well with lethality carries like Senna, Draven, Varus and Miss Fortune, according to LS.

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