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In their opening match of the ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational, BIG and CompLexity Gaming faced off in a best-of-three against each other in a classic Europe vs. North America showdown. Both teams are currently locked in for the next major in Katowice, and this is going to be the last LAN event for both of these teams until the Major.

Game 1: Overpass

BIG opened up the series with a strong showing, going up 8-1 over Complexity. However, Complexity answered back by staking together five out of six rounds to close the half. After BIG won the second pistol round and the following gun round, Complexity was against the wall and were doomed to lose. The good news is that BIG cleaned up their act and closed out the game in the last few rounds by steeling the few rounds they needed to in order to win the game.

Big 16-13

Game 2: Cache

The game started great! Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz handily won the pistol round and the rest of the team was able to win the initial gun round. This thrust Complexity into a 5-0 lead. Then every single player failed to frag at a meaningful level. Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert was shut down every round and finished the game with a HLTV rating of 0.52 and an ADR of 42. The rest of the team did nothing to help, with Stanislaw being the only player to finish the game with a positive HLTV rating and K/D ratio. After the initial five rounds, Complexity was able to win one.

BIG 16-6

BIG takes the series 2-0


BIG was the better team. The first map was a lot closer than it needed to be, but BIG cleaned up their game and showed why they are ranked #13 in the world. They showed the dominance we haven’t seen in a long time. This win is an opportunity to build something before the Major. BIG has the We Play! Lock and Load tournament coming up, whereas Complexity does not have any other official events coming up before IEM Katowice. Complexity desperately needs to improve before their next match against FaZe, which takes place at 2:00 p.m. EST.

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