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Beyond The Summit Dota announced a preview screening of their new documentary Artificial Gamer on Friday. The screening will take place on Sep. 24, after a showmatch between OG Esports and Beastcoast. Artificial Gamer is about the creation of the OpenAI bots that were able to defeat The International 9 champions, OG.

BeyondTheSummit previews Artificial Gamer

The new documentary will have an event that includes an advance preview screening, Q&A session with its director and a showmatch between reigning International champions OG and Beast Coast. The event will also feature a star studded roster of talent that includes Austin “Cap” Walsh and Owen “ODPixel” Davies to host and cast the event.

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence based company that is owned by Elon Musk. Four years ago, it started a project that aimed to create bots that could play Dota. Over time, the bots got better and better. At The International 7, the bots were made to play against professional players in a 1v1 mid matchup. They were able to defeat almost every professional player that went up against them. The team continued to train the OpenAI bots, slowly expanding the amount of information that it could process. The bots started in a closed 1v1 environment and were eventually able to work together to defeat teams in a 5v5 situation.

Two years ago, OpenAI allowed players to register on the Steam website, and have the opportunity to play against the bots. According to statistics released by OpenAI, the bots were able to defeat 99.4% of all teams that they went up against. The bots were even able to beat the reigning champs OG in a best of three, 2-0.

The documentary aims to cover the process of OpenAI, from its inception, to the point where it could beat professional teams. It was one of the first times that innovation in the artificial intelligence space combined with esports in such a direct capacity. The ideas that OpenAI brought to the game of Dota still have an effect to this day.