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Beyond the Summit have returned with the Loot Bet BTS Pro Series 7. A tournament that looks to support the Tier 2 Dota scene.

What is the Loot Bet BTS Pro Series?

A tournament that runs in between Major Dota tournaments, the seventh rendition has returned and will fill a space between the Regional Qualifiers and the International 10. Last month, Valve announced that they would delay the International 10 to October of 2021, instead of its intended August start date. Due to the announcement, a vacuum of three months now exists between the last Dota event and the International. The BTS Pro Series serves to fill that gap for players itching for good Dota to watch.

The Loot Bet BTS Pro Series will feature a $100,000 prize pool split between two regions – North America and Southeast Asia. The open qualifiers will take place from July 24-25 for the Southeast Asian region and July 31-August 1 for the North American region. While the sign up links have not been put up, BTS are partnering with Epulze Gaming in order to host the tournament. Like the previous renditions of the tournament, it features a round robin group stage, and double elimination bracket with a best of five grand finals.

The previous Loot Bet BTS Pro Series featured the same two regions, and invited all the teams that were featured in the upper division of the Dota Pro Circuit. The winners of the Regional Qualifier, Team Undying, won the last iteration of the series and went on to take a spot at The International 10. The tournament will be the first look that fans will have of teams that have been preparing for The International 10. However, a large question that looms over the tournament is if it will be played on the new patch that Valve usually puts out right before the International. If not, the competition may be less relevant.