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Beyond Gaming has reason to smile again after the second day of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage. The Pacific Championship Series’ second seed clutched out a win against Unicorns of Love, brushing off the two losses they suffered earlier in the tournament. Jungler Huang “HuSha” Zi-Wei said he was relieved that his team stepped up to stay in the race for a spot in the Group Stage, as it’s his goal to face off against renowned junglers Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong and Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu.

At the end of the second day of the Play-In stage, HuSha spoke to Upcomer about the adjustments his team made to get back on the proverbial horse. He also talked about his experiences in Iceland so far, and what he still wants to explore while at the world championship.

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