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Spencer “BestNess” Garner won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at Super Smash Galaxy on August 2. It was his first S-tier tournament victory of the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6 season.

BestNess predictably swept through round one pools, using tertiary characters like Robin, Dr. Mario, and Mewtwo in the process. In top 265, he beat Ben “Rocke” Crump 2-0 and Joel “Beast” Veras 2-1. BestNess received a bye during the second round of top 64, since Guillermo “Stroder Ame” Martinez Jr. dropped out. Still, he earned respectable wins over “Tohru” and Kiyarash “GamingHI9x9” Younessi to advance into winners side of top 8.

BestNess kept up an impressive level of play throughout top 8 of Super Smash Galaxy. He beat Ricky “LingLing” Gorritz 3-0 and Tanner “SKITTLES!!” Jordan 3-1 to reach Grand Finals. While he lost set one of Grands 1-3 to Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez, BestNess retaliated with a 3-1 victory of his own to win the tournament.

Other results from Super Smash Galaxy

Sparg0 dropped into the losers bracket unexpectedly early, falling to Cathal “holopup” Collins in the second round of pools. However, using a mix of Cloud, R.O.B., and Inkling, he made a fantastic losers run to Grand Finals. In top 64, Sparg0 eliminated players like Ryan “Ravenking” McDonough, Ben “<-/ben” Staudt, Jaiden “Middy” Vong, and Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero. He also beat “Hydra” and GamingHi9x9 to make it into top 8 on losers side.

From there, Sparg0 ran through the likes of Elam “Pokelam” Rosario, Yezre’el “Yez” Askew, and Carlos “Sonix” Pérez. Sparg0’s run concluded with wins over SKITTLES!! and BestNess. Ultimately, he faltered against BestNess in the second set of Grands, finishing in 2nd place at Super Smash Galaxy.

Though he isn’t traditionally known as a Wi-Fi warrior, Aaron Wilhite had a commendable 7th place finish at Super Smash Galaxy. He made it to top 64 with wins over Benji “2RP” Forman and Christian “Smallleft” Low. Then, Aaron beat Noah “Sharp” McCulley and Amir “Stretch” Ismail before dropping a set to Yez in Winners Quarters. Finally, Aaron sealed his spot in the top 8 by defeating Santiago “Chag” Perez, where he was ultimately eliminated by Sonix.