Best TFT Nunu set 7 build guide: items, comps and positioning
TFT Patch 12.21 Teamfight Tactics breakdown rundown Nunu

Best TFT Nunu set 7 build guide: items, comps and positioning

Feed the enemy team to your Nunu for the win

Nunu has returned in Teamfight Tactics set 7, this time as a three-cost Mirage/Cavalier. However, the return of Nunu’s “Consume” ability makes him one of the premier tank carry champions in the entire game. So, here’s a guide that goes over the best Nunu items, comps and positioning in TFT set 7.

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Item build

Nunu needs Gunblade and Warmogs but the other item is flexible. | Provided by Warren Younger/Tiermaker

For TFT set 7 Nunu to really pop off, players need to make sure that when Nunu uses “Consume,” he has more health than the enemy target. That’s because when Nunu does have more health, he does 33 percent increased true damage. Essentially, he will almost always one-shot the enemy champion in this scenario.

Due to that fact, Warmogs is incredible on him. Still, his ability only works when he has more current health than his opponent, making it important for him to stay topped off. To ensure that, Hextech Gunblade is also a must to make sure Nunu stays healthy throughout the round. Finally, the third item is pretty flexible, but Ionic spark reduces magic resist and makes it easier for Nunu to kill enemy champions. The actual third-best item is Mage cap, though, but that’s much harder to find. Tank items are also generally good on Nunu.


Nunu is a frontline tank. | Provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder

Nunu is a pure frontline tank, so players will almost always want to place him in the front row. However, Nunu is also a Cavalier, so since they will charge at an enemy with increased movement speed, players can also opt to place them anywhere. However, Nunu is still tank champion, and more likely than not, he will be the first line of defense for your composition. That means it is still optimal to place Nunu in the first row of hexes.

Top Comp

TFT Set 7 Nunu
The combo of Mage Nunu and Ryze is a lethal one in TFT Dragonlands. | Provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder

It is still very early in the TFT Dragonlands life cycle, but this comp will most likely be the best Nunu composition. It does require an emblem, but only one to make Mage Nunu. That’s because Mage champions have the cool bonus of casting their abilities twice. This means, in a theoretical world, Nunu’s first cast can straight up eliminate two champions from the board, which is almost always going to be a round ender.

To capitalize on Nunu’s strengths, players will want to add in the rest of the Cavalier champions to maximize defense. Also, Lillia doubles as a Mage on top of being a Cavalier, too.  Ryze is a fantastic dual-carry option alongside Nunu, especially with the Guild bonuses.

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