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In our Early Win Streak mini-guide, we showcased the strongest items you can build to dominate the Teamfight Tactics early game. In this sister guide, we will show you the right items for when you have your mind set on an economy-focused strategy. That means items which fit two specific criteria. First, powerful aura effect items which benefit larger late-game teams. Second, items whose effects cannot be interrupted or outright canceled out by enemy abilities.

There are quite a few strong picks that fit these criteria, but some really stand out. Below are the six strongest Teamfight Tactics items for late game domination.

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Loss Streak Strategy items

B.F. Sword + Giant’s Belt = Zeke’s Herald. Adjacent Allies get 10 percent attack speed. This powerful passive buff will amplify the effects of any other auto-attack items or abilities your champions have.

Giant’s Belt + Tear of the Goddess = Redemption. Upon being destroyed, the champion wearing it heals nearby allies for 1000 health. This can often turn the tide of a battle, and it benefits larger late game teams more.

Tear of the Goddess x2 = Seraph’s Embrace. The wearer regains 20 percent of their mana each time a spell is cast. This item gets its power from the enemy team. The more spells they cast, the more spells you get to hit back with.

Tear of the Goddess + Chain Vest = Frozen Heart. Adjacent enemies lose 20 percent of their attack speed. The defensive counterpart to Zeke’s Herald, Frozen Heart really screws with auto-attack compositions. It proves especially effective when the enemy team outnumbers yours.

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Negatron Cloak + Needlessly Large Rod = Ionic Spark. Whenever an enemy Champion casts a spell they take 200 damage. Much like Seraph’s Embrace, this strange and powerful item scales better against stronger teams. This makes it very reliable in the late game, but only against certain compositions.

Chain Vest x2 = Thornmail. Reflects 35 percent of auto-attack damage to the attacker. The harder they hit, the more your enemy’s champions will suffer. This item is particularly strong with tankier teams and works even when your champions are crowd-controlled.

We hope you find this list useful. Remember, Teamfight Tactics is a game of adaptation and making snap-decisions. Always factor in the evolving conditions of the match when choosing what items to build.

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