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It may or may not come as a surprise to ranked solo queue players in League of Legends, but the metagame in the professional scene is a lot different than what is seen on the ranked ladder.

Certain champions are better suited for solo queue play including ones that are hyper carries that can carry games by themselves one versus nine. By looking at data through API sites like Op.GG, and using analysis, Upcomer brings you a quick guide on the best solo carry champions, one for every role in League of Legends.

Top lane: Garen

Provided by Riot Games.

At the top of the top lane list of solo queue carry champions is Garen. There are a couple of reasons for this. The number one reason is his simplicity. Garen has no mana to keep track of and has zero skill shots. He is the tank champion players likely learned the game with and the cool thing is that, in the current metagame, he is a menace. With the second-highest win rate among all top lane champions even with a top 10 pick rate, Garen’s simplicity and raw strength make him the best champion to solo-win games with.

Jungle: Master Yi

Provided by Riot Games.

On the same track with Garen, players will very rarely see Master Yi played in professional games but in solo queue, Yi has been among the most infamous champions in the entire game for over a decade. Even in the current metagame, his one versus nine ability is still so potent that he has an over 27% ban rate, the highest among all jungle champions in the game. And even when he gets past champion select, Master Yi still has a top 10 win rate in the position making him for sure the scariest solo carry jungle champion.

Mid lane: Zed

Provided by Riot Games.

Along the same lines as Master Yi, Zed is a powerful one versus nine champion with his Assassin-like kit which lets him get onto his target, kill them, and dip out unscathed. His snowball potential strikes so much fear that he has an unreal 37% ban rate in the mid lane. The next highest is Yasuo with a less than half ban rate of 16%. Zed is by far the best solo carry champion in the mid lane.

Bot lane: Samira

Provided by Riot Games.

The trend with these picks is that they all have very high ban rates which give them notoriety in the solo carry department. Like Zed and Yi, Samira is the most banned bot lane champion in the entire game with a 25% rate. She also has the fourth-highest win rate in her role and if we take out the non-AD Carries, she is the highest.

Support: Blitzcrank

Provided by Riot Games.

Now support role champions typically don’t have the damage to solo carry games but there is one champion in particular that can single-handedly win games by himself, Blitzcrank. Terrorizing solo queue for years, Blitzcrank still demands the highest ban rate in his position at a whopping 31% — which is actually the second highest in the game among all roles.

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