The best P90 loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4
P90 loadout in Warzone
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The best P90 loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4

A mainstay in the SMG category has a top loadout in Season 4
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There aren’t too many weapons that have been as consistent as the P90 in Call of Duty: Warzone. The fan-favorite submachine gun has been a part of the battle royale since the beginning, often retaining a loadout slot. Still, new players are always dropping in and wondering what the best Warzone loadout is for the P90.

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For veterans of Warzone, the top loadout for the P90 might be common knowledge. Season 4 has introduced a ton of fresh players to Verdansk though, and it’s worth going over the P90’s recommended loadout for newcomers visiting a loadout drop.

Best P90 loadout in Warzone

As anyone who’s used the P90 knows, its biggest strength is its large magazine. Of course, the size can be increased with other magazines but it’s a huge benefit to have that attachment slot already filled out. This allows players to address other areas with the loadout, such as damage range and recoil control.

Speaking of those statistics, our recommended loadout for the P90 equips attachments that largely focus on the former, range. This is so the SMG can keep up with other powerhouse weapons that call Verdansk home.

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FSS 10.6″ Pro
  • Optic: G.I. Mini Reflex
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

The biggest area addressed with this loadout is damage range. Both the Monolithic Suppressor and FSS 10.6″ Pro barrel offer damage range increases along with help in recoil control and additional bullet velocity. Following up those attachments are two to help with the P90’s mobility. The Tac Laser and Stippled Grip Tape boost aim down sights time, with the former also improving accuracy.

Finally, the G.I. Mini Reflex is perfect for close to medium range engagements, which is where players should live when using this P90 loadout in Warzone. The balance may change as each Warzone season passes, but the P90 is always worth a loadout slot.

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