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If you’re going on your next big Minecraft adventure, you may want to choose what the world looks like before you spawn here. Here are the best Minecraft 1.20 seeds in 2024.

If you start a new world in Minecraft, there’s really no way to know what to expect. Your spawn is random and the world is generated from scratch. This means you could arrive in a village stacked with items, or find yourself dumped in the middle of a desert with nothing around you.

If you want to control what your world looks like, you need to use seeds. These numbers correlate to what your world looks like, and people are always looking for the best Minecraft seeds to give them the perfect start in their world.

Best Minecraft 1.20 seeds in 2024

The “One of Everything” seed

A Minecraft player floating in the air, looking at a Pillager Twoer, a snow biome, some pink Cherry Blossom trees, and a ruined portal.
A Cherry Blossom, a Pillager Tower, and a Ruined Portal are all beside each other. Class. Screenshot via Upcomer

Seed: 712262452098460

Why this seed is great: Simply put, if you’re a fan of biomes, this is the seed for you. From the moment you spawn, you can already see seven different biomes: Plains, Forests, Windswept Hills, Taiga, Snowy Plains, Beaches, and Badlands.

Head over the hill you spawn facing, and you’ll end up at a Cherry Grove, with a Ruined Portal and Pillager Tower nearby. A tough start to your world? Maybe. A fun one? Definitely.

Blossom Village

A flying Minecraft player looking at a village with a stone tower. A Cherry Grove biome is behind it, with big snowy mountains further back.
This is just beautiful. Screenshot via Upcomer

Seed: 8764718009920

Why this seed is great: If you don’t want to have to spend time hunting for a village, then this seed is the one for you. Literally, turn around the moment you spawn, and you’ll be looking at the front door of a house.

Even better, two Cherry Groves surround this village, while those snowy peaks in the background give an epic feel to this location. This is the seed I’ll be using going forward.

Cliffside Village with lake

A Minecraft village sitting on top of a big cliff, with a giant leak behind it.
Just look at it. Screenshot via Upcomer

Seed: -2659250400746428090

Why this seed is great: There’s a lot to like about this Minecraft seed, let me tell you. First off, you spawn near a village and a Cherry Grove, which is already great. However, the true beauty of this world can be found at the -800, 64, 250 coordinates.

Here, you’ll find a massive lake, surrounded on all sides by giant cliffs. And sitting on top of those? A nice little village, complete with farmers ready to trade with you. Just imagine the castle you could build in the middle of that lake.


An overturned ship sitting in the water in a Minecraft world.
Smooth seas don’t make good sailors. Screenshot via Upcomer

Seed: 7793879822280831180

Why this seed is great: If you like Shipwrecks, this is the seed for you. One is instantly visible from your spawn location, while another sits on a beach just east of it.

On top of that, there’s a Mushroom biome behind it, which then has a Jungle behind that, so plenty of interesting places to explore off the bat.

Mushroom Mansion

A brown wooden Mansion surrounded by trees and giant Mushrooms.
Somewhere nice to live. Screenshot via Upcomer

Seed: 5488339848409328138

Why this seed is great: Start climbing the mountain, and you’ll eventually come across a Mushroom biome. Wade through the trees, and you’ll find a giant Mansion filled with goodies that you can now commandeer for yourself.

There’s also an Allay in there, so it could be a very fun start to your world.

How to use custom seeds in Minecraft

To use a custom seed in Minecraft:

  1. Open Minecraft, and select “Singleplayer” on the main menu.
  2. Select “Create New World” from the options at the bottom.
  3. In the Game tab, give your world a name.
  4. From the tabs at the top, select “World.”
  5. In the section that says “Seed for the world generator,” either type in or paste your desired seed.
  6. Select “Create New World” to generate the world and be placed into it.