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Everyone wants to look good on the server, but not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars doing it. If you’re like me and don’t want to send all your money to the Steam Marketplace, here are some of the best CS2 AK-47 skins that won’t break the bank.

Look, there are some incredible skins for the AK-47 in CS2. The problem is, the rarer they are, the more they cost. While I would love to own a Bloodsport skin, I can’t justify spending $95 on a virtual skin for a gun that isn’t real.

That’s why I stick to cheap skins, but don’t worry—there are still some beautiful skins that you can rock in-game without the need to drop all your money. Here are the best CS2 AK-47 skins that are cheap to buy.

Best cheap CS2 AK-47 skins

To preface this list, setting a budget was key. While some may think dropping $100 on a skin is nothing, for others, that’s a huge outlay. With that in mind, I set a maximum limit of $40 for the skin, in either Factory New or Minimal Wear condition.

It also does not include any StatTrak versions of the guns, as they are going to be more expensive than the base versions.

Elite Build

An Elite Build AK-47, a black and grey skin with gold detailing.
Everyone has seen an Elite Build at some point. Screenshot via Upcomer

Factory New: $5.30
Minimal Wear: $1.79

Look, if you’ve played Counter-Strike at all, it should come as no surprise that the Elite Build features on this list. It’s not particularly colorful, but it’s very clean, and you really can’t go wrong with it.

The black and grey stop it from looking messy, while the gold accents on the stock, magazine, and barrel mean it’s not too boring. Available for just over five bucks, this is the best-looking skin you can get at that price, in my opinion.


The Slate AK-47 skin, an all-grey camo.
Keep things simple. Screenshot via Upcomer

Factory New: $8.60
Minimal Wear: $3.54

If you like to keep things really clean and simple, then look no further than the Slate skin. Its name is very apt: It’s all the color slate gray. The magazine, the barrel, and even the stock is just another shade of slate gray. There are no defining features to this skin at all, but maybe that’s just what you’re looking for.

Ice Coaled

The Ice Coaled AK-47 skin, which starts off green than fades into a light blue.
A personal favorite of mine. Screenshot via Upcomer

Factory New: $21.65
Minimal Wear: $12.67

I’ve always thought this looks more like a VALORANT skin than a Counter-Strike one, but I still think it’s very nice and would like it myself. The fade from green to blue works really well, and while there are some graphics on it, it’s not too busy.

Legion of Anubis

The Legend of Anubis CS2 skin, featuring drawings of the Egyptian God Ra.
Ra is going to get you. Screenshot via Upcomer

Factory New: $21.17
Minimal Wear: $12.30

If you’re a history buff, the Legion of Anubis skin might be for you. Featuring drawings of the Egyptian gods Ra and Anubis, a lot is going on in this skin, but it’s still very cool.

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