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The BAS-B is among the strongest weapons in Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer and that has transferred over into Zombies, with the battle rifle possessing an incredibly strong loadout of attachments.

To see the best loadout for the BAS-B in MW3 Zombies, keep reading my guide below.

Best BAS-B loadout in MW3 Zombies

  • Muzzle: Casus Brake L
  • Barrel: Wyvern’s Respite Long Barrel
  • Stock: Bruen Flash V8 Light Stock
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Tourney Tac Grip
Screenshot via Upcomer

The overall goal of this loadout for the BAS-B is to increase its mobility, specifically its movement and sprint speeds. The BAS-B can be on the slower side in Zombies, so we want to make sure you can move as fast as possible with it, even with Stamin-Up. Before I address mobility, though, I have added the Casus Brake L for extra horizontal recoil control and the 45 Round Mag to give you the most bullets possible. If you decide to Pack-A-Punch the BAS-B, you’ll see its magazine doubled to 90 bullets.

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As for mobility, the Wyvern’s Respite Long Barrel boosts movement speed as well as stability, bullet velocity, and range. The Bruen Flash V8 Light Stock also increases movement and sprint speed while the Tourney Tac Grip improves all other forms of mobility, namely aim down sights speed.

Best Class Setup for the BAS-B in MW3 Zombies

Finally, I have my suggestions for the best equipment, Field Upgrade, and second weapon slot for the BAS-B and its loadout in Zombies.

Weapon Slot 2

  • A close-range weapon (WSP Swarm, TYR, Lockwood 680, etc.)


  • Lethal: Molotov
  • Tactical: Experimental Gas/Cymbal Monkey/LT53 Kazimir

Field Upgrade

  • Frenzied Guard

That does it for the best BAS-B loadout in Zombies. The dominance of the battle rifle transfers over into the undead mode, so don’t be surprised at just how well it will tear through bosses and hordes.