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EA has dropped the trailer for Battlefield V’s new battle royale mode, “Firestorm.” This confirms the validity of a leak for the game mode from earlier in the week. The trailer comes with the announcement of a March 25 release date, only 11 days away. This is great news for current owners of Battlefield V, as they won’t have to wait long to break into the action. At E3 last year, EA teased a battle royale mode, but this trailer is the first we’re actually seeing of it officially. Battlefield V has been out since Nov. 10, 2018, so a battle royale mode is a nice way to renew interest in the game.


Hot details

There isn’t much information to glean from this reveal video. However, players can expect everything they’re used to in the genre. We can also expect all of the World War II grit from BFV, with access to tanks, helicopters, and more. However, one cool addition is a ring of fire has been substituted for what is normally a “force field” of some kind.

Firestorm Battlefield V battle royale

There is a loadout system that will be familiar to Battlefield V players. Expanding on this, players will find different rarities of weaponry on the map. Common, Rare, and Epic can be seen at a glance to determine how well equipped your gear is. Backpacks are also sprinkled around the map, adding precious inventory slots for those lucky enough to find them.

For more information about Firestorm, check out our thorough breakdown of a Firestorm tutorial video leaked earlier this week.

Final thoughts

Firestorm, like its counterparts, will allow you to play solo, duo, or with a squad. It is direct competition for the likes of Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. Unlike Fortnite and Apex, however, Firestorm is not free-to-play. While this seems like an obvious limitation for Firestorm to compete with Apex, EA probably doesn’t care. EA publishes both Apex Legends and Battlefield V, so they will be happy with any amount of success. Firestorm comes to us not as the latest-and-greatest new toy, as Apex Legends did, but rather as a wonderful addition to an already popular title.