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Battle Pass Guide: Path of the Skirmisher


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Disclaimer: You can use either hero of your choice on our Battle Pass Guide list, since they work just as well. We pinpointed the quickest Heroes to use per quest.


Get a Killing spree(3)/ Dominating (4)/ Mega Kills (5)

Best Option: Meepo- If you are good as W33 or Abed with this hero, you can definitely finish this task, sweat free. Meepo can take a hero down within a seconds by his Blink Dagger+Poof combination. So you can get even more than these streaks.

Option 1: Invoker or Queen Of Pain- these two nukers can easily get streaks as well, but what made them more considerable is their escape efficiency, they can easily go in and out in every clashes, but they can also spam through their fast loading skills.

Option 2: Templar Assassin- this hero can deal a heavy physical damage by her Refraction and Meld combination. When she get her core items, she can easily roam maps and take some kills.

Notes: All heroes can have streaks, but the best way to finish this quest is with your reflexes, because it’s easy to get a kill and it’s also easy to be ganked. So make sure that you are aware when you about to gank.

Kill 60/140/220 creeps, 10/20/30 of them must be Ancient Creeps.

Best Option: Luna- this hero can easily get farm with her 2nd skill that can bounce through creeps and her third skills that gives her an additional damage and broader vision while night.

Option 1: Pick cores- In able to finish this quest you need a core hero, basically cores need to take down hundreds of creeps/neutral creeps/ancient creeps to have an item so it won’t be a problem to finish this quest when you are using a core hero.

Notes: Be sure that while farming, you are aware when there are heroes that’s about to gank you.

Destroy 10/20/30 enemy shrines.

Best Option: Luna-  her moon glaive can easily take down shrines. Actually, if you do not notice while pushing towers and barracks her glaives can take down shrines without noticing it. So this hero is kinda effective for this quest..

Option 1: Pick agility core heroes- unfortunately, shrines are kinda hard to destroy alone but when you hit fast and have a big physical damage, it would be easy to destroy them. Heroes like Drow Ranger, Juggernaut, Anti-mage, Terrorblade; and many more can destroy shrines for a seconds.

Other Options: Let your teammates know that destroying the shrines is your quest, if you are lucky enough to have a generous teammates then this won’t be a problem.


Kill 10/20/30 or more enemy heroes.

Best Option: Tinker- this hero was probably designed to steal kills (in my opinion *laughs*) because all his skills can nuke down enemies and have a big damage, in addition the items that required for him is dagon (that can easily steal kills) and aghanims to bounce his lasers and to have an additional heat-seeking missiles.

Other options: You can actually use any heroes for this quest whether it’s a carry or a support, just make sure that you are aware on which heroes is about to die, then steal the kill.

Use an echo sabre to slow enemy heroes 10/20/30 times

Best Option: Lifestealer- sabre echo is an absolute stuff for lifestealer, through this item he can slow enemies and get their flesh.

Option 1: Monkey King- in order to reach the healing point of Monkey King’s jingu mastery you need to hit enemy 4 times but not anymore because through sabre echo you can deal two hits through 1 hit.

Option 2: Sven- in this patch, we no longer see a sven with Dominator perhaps it’s a sven with Armlet of Mordigan and Sabre echo so considering this hero is a good choice too.

Notes: You can’t use sabre echo on ranged heroes. It don’t works.

Kill 2/4/6 enemy heroes before the game timer reaches 15:00

Best Option: Pick a roaming support- Bounty Hunter and Riki are one of the best choices for this task because they can easily get a kill while roaming map.

Option 1: Pick an effective midlane heroes- Ember Spirit, Tinker can be used to complete this quest. Tip, after taking the rune, gank the nearest lane.

Tips: You need a teleportation scroll, so when there’s a clash you can go and join the action that potentially turn into a kill.

Accumulate 3000/4500/6000 damage to enemy heroes after leaving invisibility.

Best Option: Riki, Bounty Hunter, Clinkz, Weaver are the best options because definitely you cant use a heroes with no invi on their skills.

Other Options: You can also build a shadow blade or a silver edge.

Perform 3/6/9 Double Kills.

You can use any heroes for this quest: support, offlane, midlane or core heroes.

Tips: You may consider building dagon for an instant kill.

Deal 2000/4000/6000 damage to enemy heroes with chain lightning form mjolnir or maelstrom.

Best Option: Medusa- try to consider maelstrom for medusa as your first item, aside for it would be easier for you to complete the quest it will be easier for you to farm.

Option 1: Anti Mage- recently, some metas have changed and one of this is the “no battlefury am build” as an alternate for battlefury try building mjolnir. Proven and tested.

Option 2: Juggernaut- mjolnir is one of Juggernaut’s must item, it also tops his ultimate.

Notes: Don’t try building mjolnir for support heroes, or you will be reported.

Deal 600/750/900 or more damage to an enemy Hero in a single Physical Attack.

Best Option: Phantom Assassin- this hero is well known for her famous “one hit delete” ability, considering this hero is one of the best option.

Option 1: Templar Assassin- when this hero got her core items like daedalus, he can easily deal a ton of physical damage with the help of her Meld and Refraction which adds an additional damage for the hero.

Tips: Buying items like daedalus is the best option for this quest.

Use silver edge to break enemy heroes 10/15/20 times.
Best Option: Slark- this heroes first item is Shadow blade and can easily rush to be a silver edge. Using this hero can easily break enemies passive skills because of his movement speed and pretty wide night vision.

Option 1: Drow Ranger- Sometimes, considering shadow blade for this hero is a good option.

Notes: You must build a silver edge to complete this quest because that is the items that requires to finish the task.

End a game with a GPM of 300/400/500 or higher.

Best Option: Alchemist- with his greevil’s greed, you can go above the needed gold per minute. He can instantly farm a lot of creeps with his acid spray, and after getting his radiance he can turn into a farming machine.

Option 1: Use a core heroes- basically when you are core you will have an average of 500 gold per minute,

Tips: Try not to use support, because it will be hard for you to complete this task since neutrals are for the carries. Perhaps you need to buy wards time by time that can drop your networth.

Steal 2000/4000/6000 HP from enemy heroes using source of Lifesteal from physical attacks.

Best Option: Lifestealer and Wraith King- these two heroes have a lifesteal on their skills, so they can instantly complete this task with no worries.

Other Options: Buy an item that can gives you lifesteal like Vladimir’s offering and Mask of Madness.

Damage 2 or more enemy heroes with mana void a total of 2/4/6 times, and deal 1000/2000/3000 damage

Required Hero: Anti Mage- You’ll be needing this super carry for this quest. You are lucky if most of the enemies is intelligent because the lower the mana they have the more painful you mana void can deal.

Tips: When there’s a mage in enemies like Storm Spirit and Invoker it would be perfect for you to complete this quest.

This article was written by Andrian Jimenez for Daily eSports.