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Battle Pass Guide: Path of the Paragon


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Disclaimer: You can use either hero of your choice on our Battle Pass Guide list, since they work just as well. We pinpointed the quickest Heroes to use per quest.

Ward Lord

Within a single victory:
Place 4/8/12 wards for your team.

Best Option: Ogre Magi- a very popular support in this patch, this hero is well known for its rotating skills and effective ganking which can easily give him golds when the objectives was successfully done and the earned gold can be used to buy wards. Another good thing about this hero is his talent tree, at level 10 you can have an additional 60 gold/minute. Like a free wards per minute.


Option 1: Rubick- a very prominent support hero, like Ogre Magi, his talent tree includes an additional 60 gold/minute, so you’ll get a free wards after reaching level 10. Furthermore, its 2nd skill Fade Bolt he can easily farm creeps when the carry is off on the lane.

Option 3: Bounty Hunter- a famous roaming support and a courier assassin. Bounty Hunter is known for not laning to protect its carry, he is known for getting some bounties for his team and for himself by means of roaming around the map. With his track kills gold’s he can easily buy wards that can lighten up the team towards their triumph.

Notes: Obviously, all heroes can be used in this quest because it only requires you to buy a couple of wards, but to complete this quest you need to win the game, and as they said support is the heart of every game.

A Little Get Together

Stun two or more heroes at once 2/6/10 times.

Best Option: Earthshaker-  all of his skills includes stun, and it will be easy for you to land some numerous stuns to hit couple of heroes at once. Fissure for example, in every clashes it will be easy for you to stun 2 or more enemy at once because his skill is designed to shut more than 1 hero in every casting.

Option 1: Tidehunter- his ultimate– the ravage. When the clash occurs it’s almost 100% sure that you will stun more than 1 hero because of its range.

Option 2: Slardar- this strength hero aoe stun can be a perfect skill to do this quest when you are familiar to use it. The cooldown is very convincing and the area that will be hit is pretty wide to perform the quest.

Notes: As you can see, all these three heroes are strength type, and all of them are AOE unlike the int heroes, their skills were designed for a single target (not generalizing but most of them).


Have to Urn It.
Spend 4/8/12 urn charges on friendly or enemy heroes with urn of shadows


Best option: Night Stalker- this hero’s first item is Urn, and he’s very effective at single ganking especially targetting supports so it would be easy for you to gain urn charges if you used this hero.

Option 1: Clockwerk- some players prioritize buying urn at early game because it can give you strength and a little mana regen. Clockwerk is an initiator so he can instantly gain urn charges by initiating clashes and getting some kills or assists.

Option 2:  Spirit Breaker- charge allows him to cross the map very quickly for constant ganking. Playing aggressively will get you Urn charges to use offensively.


Notes: Spam your Urn charges on enemy Heroes, too! The Urn’s damage over time can make a huge difference in making the kill and will cancel Blink.


Qualified Assistant

Get 6/10/15 assists


Best option: Supports like; Shadow Demon, Lion, Rubick, Ogre Magi, Oracle. These heroes includes giving damage to kill the enemies.

Notes: All heroes can be used in this quest, whether it’s a carry, mid or support because you can get an assists in every clashes.

Grown-Ups Are Talking

Silence enemy heroes for 40/80/120 seconds.

Best option: Silencer- it’s pretty obvious that based on his name, his skills are designed to silence heroes (haha) so it’s going to be easy for you to perform this task using this hero.

Option 1: Heroes Like; Death Prophet, Disruptor, Drow Ranger, Puck and Earth Spirit these heroes has an aoe silence skill.

Option 2: Night Stalker, when his Crippling Fear reach its level 4 it will be a 8 seconds silence, so statistically you just have to silence a hero 5 times in able to complete this quest.

Other Option: You can also use malevolence or bloodthorn to silence a hero.

Look At Them Shine

Upgrade your boots before the game timer reaches 6:00/10:00/14:00

Best Option: Jungling heroes who buys tranquil boots are the best for this quest like Axe and Enigma.

Option 1: Timbersaw and Zeus these two heroes are pretty in a hurry in terms of buying arcane boots so it would be good if you choose one of these to perform the quest.

Notes: All heroes can be used too in conducting this quest, because it only demands you to buy an upgraded boots before reaching the assigned time.

Care Necessities

Spend 500/1250/2500 gold on support items

Best Option: 5th role supports like Crystal Maiden, Dazzle, Winter Wyvern, Ogre Magi, Witch Doctor etc.

Option 1: 4th role supports like Omniknight, Rubick, IO, Treant Protector etc.

In my opinion you’ll be needing a support hero to fulfill this quest because it kinda requires you to buy support items like mechanism, wards, arcane boots or guardian greaves.

Sudden Lane Change
Kill an enemy hero in 15 seconds after teleporting 2/3/5 times.

Best Option: You can use all heroes, just don’t forget to buy a TP scroll to back up when it needed, and also if you have a chance, steal the kill.

Notes: When you are about to steal the kill, let them know that you’re doing it for a purpose so they won’t be mad.



Get a kill or assists after using Eul’s scepter of Divinity on enemy heroes for 2/4/6 times.

Best option: Invoker- when you are familiar with the timing of Eul’s + Combo then invoker is the best option for you to finish this task.

Option 1: Lina- if you are about to use this nuker hero, make sure that you’ll prioritize buying Eul’s as your first item so you can burst down a support or any soft hero after using Eul’s to them.

Option 2: Queen Of Pain- if you still remember, Euls was once the first item to be build for this queen, and it’s never been out of the meta so you can still use this hero to do the quest.

Notes: Make sure that you need the perfect timing so that the eul’s wouldn’t be wasted.

Just the Worst
Cancel an enemy hero’s clarity, healing salve or bottle regeneration 1/2/3 times.

Best option: Range heroes, so when you see someone using these items to heal themselves you’ll just have to hit them for afar.

Notes: Make sure that you’re quite attentive so you’ll see if the enemy’s doing those things.

No Salt In these Wounds

Heal yourself and your allied hero for a total of 2000/3000/4000 health

Best Option: Necrophos- his 1st skill is an aoe healing skill so it will be easy for you to reach the cota in terms of healing yourself or your allies.

Option 1: Dazzle- heal bomb, that’s what he have, his 3rd skill is super effective in terms of giving damage and healing allies including itself.

Option 2: Omniknight- his 1st skills is a pretty good skill in terms of nuking and healing yourself or your ally and if you want to rush things faster go build mechanism.

Notes: There are still lot of heroes on board that has a healing skills like; Enchantress and Pugna. Also you dont need a hero with a healing skills, you just have to buy Guardian greaves or mekansm in able to grant yourself or your allies a healing hand.


Heartfelt Goodbye

Deny 15/30/45 friendly creeps.

Best Option: You need to pick a midlaner or a carry, because you cannot deny while using support since your role is to protect your carry or to roam the map to get kills.

Other Option: You can use support, but make sure that aside from doing your quest (denying creeps) you also fulfill your duty.

Speed Limiter

Dubuff Enemy Heroes with movement speed slows for 100/175/250 seconds

Best Option: Venomancer. At level two, you can have TWO separate abilities that will slow an enemy’s movement speed. Venomous Gale will give enemy Heroes 50% move speed slow, and Poison Sting (passive) will deal up to 14% slow. Simply get an early point in Poison Sting and harass the enemy out of the lane. You’ll give your carry plenty of space to farm, and you’ll complete your quest before you know it.

Option 1: Storm Spirit. Overload is a passive ability that is triggered every time you use a spell, and will deal 80% movespeed slow. You can use your ultimate Ball Lighting to zap in place and spam Overload over and over again on an enemy hero.

Option 2: Drow Ranger. Frost Arrows, when fully maxed, deal 64% slow on every right click attack.

Option 3; Invoker. Ghost Walk will slow enemy heroes in an AOE up to 50%, but is easy to detect. Ice Wall will also give a considerable slow, up to 140%.

Other options; Leshracs Lightning Storm will slow up to 75%. If you prefer to use an item, Rod of Atos will give a 60% slow up to every 10 seconds.

Living Harmer
Heal allied heroes and buildings for a total of 1000/2000/3000 health with living armor, and disable enemy heroes for a total of 20/40/60 seconds.
Required Hero: Treant Protector, this is the last quest in the Path of the Paragon, with this quest you need heal buildings and allies using you living armor and disable your enemies through your ultimate, overgrowth.
Note: Do it with passion 🙂


This article was written by Andrian Jimenez for Daily eSports.