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It’s been nearly 10 years since the famous Battle Bunny Riven skin came out. Since then, there have been zero additions to the skin line, leaving Riven as the only Battle Bunny. But, in a surprise announcement during the Season 2022 livestream, Riot Games will not only be coming out with new Battle Bunny skins in 2022, but the theme will be revamped as part of a new mission to bring old skin-lines up to date for modern times.

League of Legends is more than 10 years old and, over the course of the game’s history, Riot has revised old champions to give them a makeover or, at times, a complete rework. But that hasn’t been seen so much when it comes to skin lines outside of high-noon. Last year, Riot Games held a vote that gave the community a chance to revisit the Debonair and Mafia skin lines. This year, they are doing it again. After the new “Anima Squad” skin line comes out, featuring Miss Fortune and Riven, fans will get to vote on which old theme will get revamped later this year.

Battle Bunny 2.0

A sneak-peak at the new and improved Battle Bunny Riven. | Provided by Riot Games

In the live stream, Johnathan “Bellissimoh” Belliss, the product lead for personalization and events at Riot Games gave fans a look at what’s in store for skins and events in Season 2022. But, towards the end of the presentation, he outlined the vision of the new Battle Bunny revamp. He said that they found inspiration in the lone-standing Battle Bunny Riven skin with a twist.

“Set in a near future, dying earth. Humanity faces resource shortages and the deadly invasion of an ancient hi-tech army,” Bellissimoh said. “In one final attempt to save themselves, the world bands together to create their only hope for survival. A superpower warrior armed with incredible technology, the Battle Bunny.”

The only champions confirmed for the new futuristic-but-cute animal armor skin line are Miss Fortune and Riven, with more to be revealed at a later date.

Inferno, Arclight or Gothic will be the next revamp

After the new Battle Bunny skin line was talked about, Bellissimoh talked about how Riot wants to do more of these revamps in the future and how it’s giving players the chance to choose which skin line is next. The three choices that players will get to vote on are Infernal, Arclight and Gothic. Bellissimoh explained what’s in store if each one wins.

“Infernal is all about fire as a power fantasy,” Bellissimoh said in the livestream. “If we were to reignite this thematic, we would want to deepen or expand what that power fantasy looks like.”

For Gothic, Bellissimoh said that it’s one Riot hasn’t touched in a decade before thematic was a thing. He said the goal is to create a universe up-to-par with modern skin lines. As for Arclight, the goal is to magnify the themes of divine light, justice and order. Voting begins in the League of Legends client later this week.


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