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Due to the current pandemic, offline events around the world have been canceled, including the Pokémon Championships, Overwatch League, DreamHack Masters, and more. Amidst these cancellations, a new online League has risen in Australia: the National CouchWarriors League. CouchWarriors are the same team behind Battle Arena Melbourne, Australia’s international fighting game major.

CouchWarriors League for all

Like many, CouchWarriors can no longer hold their regular in-person events. Such “Ranbat” events usually take place in key cities around Australia each year. These require players to travel to each location to compete in these events. This travel is impractical for many would-be competitors. Because of this, the competition sits in favor of those who play with a team.

The CouchWarriors League instead offers players the ability to compete regularly online. This new format has already led more players to sign up.

All Aussies are eligible to compete in the CouchWarriors League. Each weekend, a different title will be played. It’s a huge chance to show off your fighting game skills regardless of where you live in Australia. The online style really opens up the competition to more people who wouldn’t normally attend a live event.

Tournaments start today

There’s no waiting around when it comes to fighting games! That’s why the CouchWarriors League has already begun. Tournaments will take place every weekend, and the first title off the shelf is Street Fighter V. Smash Melee is up next weekend. It will be followed by Tekken 7, then Smash Ultimate. All games will be live-streamed on Twitch each Saturday. Anyone interested can tune in to watch the tournaments live or catch the replays.

Players accumulate points each weekend for each game. Points will be tallied at the end of the season, with special rewards given for top point scorers. The Champion will receive a paid flight and entry to Battle Arena Melbourne. BAM12 will take place later this year.

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