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“AstroNinja0” won the online ARMS North American Open August 2020 hosted by Nintendo on August 9. It was a repeat of his victory at the last North American Online Open in April.

This event featured four single-elimination pools, which filtered into a double-elimination final bracket. Unsurprisingly, AstroNinja0’s run through pools went fairly smoothly. He defeated the likes of Maurice “Gouf” Mozee and “Tapioka” 2-0. However, “Jean Marc” did take a game off of AstroNinja0, marking his first game loss during the tournament. Still, AstroNinja0 won the set 2-1.

AstroNinja0 ultimately advanced out of pools after scoring a 2-0 win against Spencer “Twinedfive0” Gran. To kick off top 4, AstroNinja0 beat Garrett “Asqew” Reamer 3-1. He showed up even stronger in Winners Finals, defeating “Para” 3-0. While Para was able to take a game in Grand Finals, AstroNinja0 ultimately defeated him 3-1. In doing so, he crowned himself the champion of the ARMS North American Open August 2020.

Notably, the North America Open August 2020 was the second-largest ARMS tournament to date with 767 entrants. The largest was the Online Open April 2020, with 880 entrants. As a result, AstroNinja0 boasts 1st place finishes at both of the biggest events in ARMS history. With these wins, along with a myriad of other tournament victories, AstroNinja0 continues to assert his status as the best ARMS player.

Other results from the ARMS North American Open August 2020

Though he could not overcome AstroNinja0, Para still earned many impressive wins at the ARMS North American Open August 2020. In pools, he flawlessly swept through opponents like Danny “hanukkahjamboree” Cohen, Phil “Steelhead” Denzmore Jr., and Duncan “HedgieMcHogerson” McHogerson. Then in top 4, Para beat Aidan “SlosherWailord” Jones 3-2 and Asqew 3-1.

Due to the volatile nature of single-elimination pools, multiple players exited the bracket earlier than might have been expected otherwise. For example, Daniel “HESS” Cassee fell to Peter “Serp” Ghobrial three rounds before top 4. Then, Serp immediately lost to Twinedfive0 in the next round.

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