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The grand finale of the CSGO StarLadder Major in Berlin has finally brought us the winner. Astralis have easily overcome AVANGAR for the team’s third straight Major victory and fourth Major title overall.

Astralis look unbeatable once more

At the start of the StarLadder Major, Astralis was a big mystery. We hadn’t seen much action in recent months from the Danish side, and the team has been living in the shadows of the Team Liquid hype train. Coming out of the New Legends stage with a 3-1 score, many were sure that Team Liquid would knock out Astralis in the quarter-finals. The Danes proved otherwise, though, as they dealt with the North American formation with a 2-0 score, picking up steam in the process. They’ve also brought the surprising NRG to their knees with an identical 2-0 score before the final.

The final against AVANGAR was an absolute blowout. First, the Danes dismantled the CIS team on Inferno 16-6 before looking to finish off things quickly with a crushing 16-5 performance. It was definitely not the final AVANGAR expected after their grueling journey to reach it. They beat Vitality and Renegades in the quarter and semi finals, respectively.

Astralis’ AWPer, Nicolai “device” Reedtz, looked locked in in the finale, opening the scoreboard for his team on both Inferno and Dust2. This led to him picking up the HLTV MVP award for the StarLadder Major in Berlin.

Team Liquid disappoint – but they’re still the team to beat

Team Liquid, prior to the StarLadder Major, seemed absolutely unbeatable. However, the team looked extremely underwhelming at the Major. The NA team advanced from the New Legends stage with a 3-2 result – very disappointing for most of the fans, as the 3-0 pick’ems bracket suffered greatly because of that. In the quarter-final against Astralis, Team Liquid struggled against the surprising pick of Vertigo. Then, the American team tested the Danes on Overpass, which was a mistake – they lost 16-13.

Can Team Liquid go back to their winning ways after the underwhelming performance in Berlin?

Team Liquid’s failure to grab this Major has ruined the year, as this was the missing element from marking 2019 the year of Team Liquid in CSGO. However, for Astralis to truly dethrone Team Liquid, it’s going to take a bit more than just beating them in the Major.

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