Arcane Twitch drops guide: Another chance at watch rewards
Players have another chance to redeem Arcane Twitch drops, including a League of Legends Arcane capsule, VALORANT Fishbones gun buddy, Wild Rift emote and TFT egg.
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Arcane Twitch drops guide: Another chance at watch rewards

Players that missed out on the premiere get another chance to receive the Arcane Twitch drops

Those that missed the first batch of Arcane drops on Twitch are in for a treat: Riot Games is allowing players a second and third chance to redeem the free League of Legends Arcane Capsule, Wild Rift “A Single Tear” emote, Teamfight Tactics Little Legends egg and VALORANT “Fishbones” gun buddy that were given out during the show’s premiere.

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Another shot at the ‘Arcane’ premiere Twitch drops

Before and after Riot’s big Netflix animated series “Arcane” Act 3 concludes, the company is hosting an “Undercity Nights” broadcast event. Fans that missed the original Twitch drops given out during the “Arcane” premiere can watch these broadcasts for another chance at capturing those rewards.

“Fans and players who tune-in to the Undercity Nights broadcast on Twitch will also have another opportunity to receive the Twitch Drops from the premiere broadcast,” Riot Games said in a blog post. “If you’ve already received these items, you will not get duplicates. This is the last chance to score these exclusive rewards. In order to receive your Drops, make sure your account is linked on the Connections page.”

How to unlock the ‘Arcane’ drops on Twitch

Those that didn’t receive drops last time will want to be prepared for the next batch. The process to get connected is fairly simple:

The first Undercity Nights broadcast will begin at 7:00 p.m. ET on Nov. 19.  The second broadcast, and the final chance for players to receive the Arcane Twitch drops package, will begin at 3:00 p.m. ET on Nov. 20.

Update: It seems Riot has quietly pushed the first official broadcast to 7:45 p.m. ET, according to the company’s Twitch schedule.

What is available in the watch rewards

The Arcane drops available to Twitch viewers include freebies in all five of Riot’s games. Those giveaways are as follows:

  • League of Legends: Free Arcane Capsule
  • Wild Rift: “A Single Tear” Emote
  • Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos & Gadgets Little Legends Egg
  • Legends of Runeterra: “Fascinating” Emote
  • VALORANT: “Fishbones” Gun Buddy

Viewers will have the option to watch both the official Riot Games stream as well as any active co-streamers. As we covered above, those that already unlocked the drops during the premiere will not have a chance to get a second set.

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