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Following true Apex Legends tradition, the Season 2 launch trailer leaked about half a day before its official release time. You can see the entire, uncut, over-the-top trailer below.

Second Season 2 Trailer (BETTER QUALITY) from apexlegends

Much like we hoped, we get a lot of new footage of Wattson, flyers, and the L-star. But there were many more unexpected treats in there too!

Leviathans tearing it up

While the trailer still doesn’t explain what the flyers do exactly, we got a peek at what appears to be a flyer nest towering out of the ground. Reminiscent of the monsters from the movie Pitch Black, the Apex Legends flyers appear to live in underground hives. We didn’t get to ponder over this for too long, however, as shortly afterward, a Leviathan stepped on Mirage.

Yes, the Leviathans are walking across the island, and apparently, they will be able to crush players. The giant creatures are shown freely roaming around, and the devastation left in their wake has reshaped Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Season 2 leak trailer

Apex adds skydive emotes

The trailer also showcased one of the Apex Legends‘ mysterious new forms of content. Players will be able to execute acrobatic tricks on their way to the ground.

We can only imagine this is the first step in a bigger roll-out for the game. It’s unlikely Respawn will go the distance Epic did in capitalizing on the popularity of Fortnite‘s dances, but it isn’t impossible.

Wattson’s finishers

As previously noted, Wattson is adorkable. And so are her executions, as brutal as they may actually be. We won’t spoil anything – just check them out in the trailer!

Apex Legends Wattson finisher

Another Apex trailer leaks

A second, more cinematic Apex Legends trailer leaked alongside the one above. It features – you guessed it – Crypto! We will update you later today with additional information. In the meantime, check out the trailer!

Season 2 Trailer Leaked (BETTER QUALITY) from apexlegends

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