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Battle royale players know the covetous lure of a rare cosmetic all too well. In Apex Legends, there is no higher prize than Wraith’s 1-in-500 Heirloom set. The triple crown of spending all your in-game currency, it features a unique banner pose and intro quip. Most importantly, it comes with the spicy shank you see below.

Apex Legends leak shows Bloodhound may get their own heirloom set | Wrath kunai

No other Legend has Heirloom cosmetics yet, and this is currently the only set in the game. For the entirety of Season 1, non-Wraith players had to live with the depressing knowledge they can never grind out a cosmetic this awesome. Now there’s hope, as a recent data-mine leak shows what may be a new Heirloom.

Bloodhound’s machete

Since launch, eagle-eyed and cosmetic-obsessed Apex Legends players have pointed out the potential for new Heirlooms. If we follow the logic that each set should feature a melee weapon skin, then Legends Bloodhound and Gibraltar certainly are candidates. Bloodhound can be seen brandishing a machete in one of their banner poses. For his part, Gibraltar carries a weapon resembling a club or a billhook. Some fans identify it as a wahaika, a traditional weapon of the Māori people.

This brings us to the recent data-mine discovery. Twitter user That1MiningGuy recently revealed an interesting texture found in Apex Legends‘ files. As you can see below, it is a machete similar to the one Bloodhound carries in their banner art.


We can’t say for sure if this item will enter the game. If it does, it’s not certain yet if it will be part of Bloodhound’s Heirloom set. But it is very much in line with their aesthetic as a tracker. After all, machetes are primarily used to clear away foliage. If incorporated into Bloodhound’s animations — and especially if it’s in a future finisher — this machete could look rather cool.

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