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Over the past week or so, leaks have been plentiful in Apex Legends. With Season 4 quickly approaching, files are constantly being added to the game and leakers are having a field day. So far, we’ve known about the Revenant surprise TV appearance early along with some additional content. While some fans believe this kind of information helps build hype, apparently the developers feel another way. One Respawn Entertainment developer even spoke out regarding these leakers. Let’s just say they don’t appreciate their hard work being spoiled in advance.

Apex Legends developers are against leaks

Recently in Apex Legends, there has been little left to the imagination. We’ve had a plethora of leaks by various sources regarding the upcoming Season 4. From an early look at Forge to files being leaked about the special event yesterday, dataminers aren’t holding back.

Well, it appears enough is enough for one Respawn developer. Drew McCoy is a project lead for Apex Legends, so he’s obviously responsible for a lot of what we’ve been seeing recently. He had some brash words for leaks/leakers yesterday on Twitter. McCoy doesn’t hold anything back, making his real feelings known quite clearly. And it isn’t just Respawn developers who feel that way. Joel Emslie from Infinity Ward echoed McCoy’s feelings in response.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had a ton of leaks before its launch, so it makes sense that Emslie’s feeling on this subject mirrors McCoy’s. This is a bit of a controversial topic, as the community is largely behind the leaks and how they’re delivered. Though, McCoy’s opinion is certainly warranted since he and other developers spend time to formulate surprises.

One popular Apex Legends leaker responded to McCoy, expressing his apologies for spoiling the Season 4 teaser.


It’s unclear how Respawn will choose to handle this situation. There’s little way for them to prevent leaks from occurring, but perhaps they can mitigate the extent of it somehow.

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