Anivia, Karthus picked by G2 and EG at MSI 2022
Anivia MSI 2022

Anivia, Karthus picked by G2 and EG at MSI 2022

caPs brings out Anivia for only the second time in his career
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After T1 started off the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational with an unexpected Vi pick in the jungle, G2 Esports decided to bring out an equally obscure pick in their first contest against the League of Legends Championship Series’ representatives, Evil Geniuses.

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In a draft that got out of control with multiple off-meta picks, G2’s mid laner Rasmus “caPs” Winther decided to lock in Anivia during their second game at MSI 2022. Heading into this game, Anivia had only been picked five times across all regions of League of Legends pro play. None of those games were played in any region present at MSI 2022.

Just like the Vi pick, Anivia had not been a meta champion for the last several years. According to, Anivia was only picked 36 times last season with zero games played inside a major region. Historically, the last time Anivia had any sort of meta relevance was back in Season 8. But even then, she was only picked 112 times, with only a fourth of those being played inside the top regions of the world.

As for caPs’ history playing the champion, he had only played Anivia in one single game prior to MSI 2022, all the way back in 2017 at the Rift Rivals 2017 — an event that ironically pitted the Europe region against North America.

That match ended in a loss, with caPs failing to pick up even a single kill against TSM. At the time, caPs was still a member of Fnatic. His MSI 2022 lane opponent, Joseph Joon “jojopyun” Pyun was only 12 years old the last time caPs played Anivia.

The rest of the draft was wild as well. In particular, EG responded with a Karthus jungle pick. It had already been picked at MSI 2022, but it still only has a 4% presence rate (the combination of picks and bans across all regions), according to G2 Esports also picked up Pyke, a champion who only has a 3% presence rate. And EG’s bot lane champion pick, Samira, only has a 4% presence rate this year, so far.

In the end, caPs tied for the most kills in the game with Anivia, finishing G2’s victory over Evil Geniuses with a 4/0/7 kill/death/assist score line. As the only team to play two games on Day 1 of MSI 2022, G2 have the best record at the tournament so far at 2-0.

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