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Andbox announced its new Valorant lineup on Twitter ahead of the Nerd Street Gamers March Monthly tournament on March 26. The team consists of two new players: trial member Adam “mada” Pampuch and former Cloud9 in-game leader Daniel “vice” Kim.

The changes come in the wake of Andbox’s Valorant Champions Tour run. The team managed to qualify for the main event of Challengers One, but failed to make it to the next two main tournaments. They also recently let go of their star entry player Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor to NRG before Challengers Three.

The new lineup also omits the team’s most recently acquired player before vice, Chris “Rebo” Heindel. Rebo was signed from the amateur squad Moon Raccoons to be the team’s IGL. Now, he is no longer an active member after he signed for the team back in February.

“I would like to submit my any% time on professional roster.” Rebo wrote in a Twitter post about the new roster. “Truly another barrier broken,”

The new players on this Andbox Valorant lineup

Of the two new players added, mada may be the most recognizable for Andbox fans. He was also a trial member during the team’s Challenger Three qualification attempt. The 17-year-old Duelist player has continued his trial period into this monthly tournament and has been around the professional Valorant scene for awhile now.

mada started his Valorant career on Luminosity Gaming as a Sova player in 2020. He was let go from the team and joined the amateur squad NSIC for Challengers Two qualification. His team did not make the cut, and in the aftermath joined Andbox as a trial player.

As for vice, the former Cloud9 IGL was picked up by the organization in the early days of competitive Valorant. After a short stint away from the roster, on the amateur team Prospects, he returned to Cloud9. He played for the team through the First Strike, Ignition Series, and VCT stage one events before his release on March 16.

Now, the Sova and Kiljoy player will be calling rotations and strategies for Andbox in its next tournament.

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