FaZe Fortnite pro H1ghSky1 is only 12 years-old, confirming Tfue’s allegations

Tfue alleged that FaZe hired him at 11 years-old, and he was right.

Photo via FaZe Clan
Update June 5 at 12:20pm PT: H1ghSky1 has been suspended on Twitch. It's likely due to his age, but he has yet to make an official announcement or confirmation.
Update May 28 at 6:48pm PT: More evidence has been presented to Upcomer further supporting the claim. We have opted to leave specific details out of the article to protect Patrick and his family's identity and location.

Evidence has surfaced showing that Fortnite pro H1ghSky1 signed with FaZe Clan one month before reaching his 12th birthday, according to evidence acquired by Upcomer.

H1ghSky1’s signing was announced via FaZe Clan’s official Twitter account on March 22, 2019. This evidence contradicts the claim by FaZe Clan personnel that H1ghSky1 was 13-years old at the time of his contract signing—the minimum age as determined by Epic to participate in events.

The topic of H1ghSky1’s age surfaced last week when, in a lawsuit filed by popular streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney over unfair labor practices, stated that FaZe had illegally signed the minor when he was 11-years old. Additionally, Tenney alleged that FaZe Clan personnel pressured the minor and his family to lie about H1ghSk1’s true age.

Screenshot via Superior court of the state of California, County 8 of Los Angeles Central District

H1ghSky1, who is publicly known by the first name of Patrick, is actually 12 years-old.

In April 2012, cached posts translated by an online translation service show that Patrick’s mother, who is Romanian, wished him a happy fifth birthday. When asked what he wanted for his birthday, the post quoted Patrick as saying, “I want a commander plan, a train, or maybe some water balloons, let’s play with all the children.”

In another post, while writing about celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary in 2012, his parents noted that their greatest achievement is their four children, where Patrick is listed as being five-years old. This would put Patrick, whose actual Romanian name is Patriciu, at 12 years-old currently and 11 years-old at the time of signing with FaZe. As he is still a minor, we have elected to not include his full name, nor the names of his parents.

Being under the age of 13 creates a slew of problems, whereas one cannot be a partnered Twitch streamer, stream on YouTube, nor participate in Fortnite-sanctioned events. Patrick has over 400,000 Twitch followers and over 800,000 YouTube subscribers. He has already won just over $5,000 in Fortnite competition.

FaZe Clan has not yet responded to a request for comment at the time of publishing.