More texts from Echo Fox investor Amit Raizada surface, showcasing Antisemitism

Rick Fox apparently wasn't the only victim.

Photo via Riot Games

Echo Fox investor Amit Raizada, who was reported to threaten both Rick Fox and his family, as well as target former Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall with blatantly racist verbal attacks, has reportedly also attacked other fellow investors, according to screenshots of texts sent to Upcomer by sources today.

Warning, these texts contain offensive and graphic language.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Screenshot via Upcomer

Screenshot via Upcomer

These texts, according to sources, were sent to investor David Vittor. In the text conversation, Vittor and Raizada engaged in a heated argument, slinging insults at one another, with Raizada escalating to anti-Semitism. It is important to note that Raizada's phone number is not displayed anywhere in these screenshots, and it is possible to simply change a contact's name in a phone to reflect any phone number, but these texts were sent to Upcomer by a reliable source. Vittor's involvement with Echo Fox, Rick Fox, or Jace Hall is currently unknown.

"When I'm done you will wish you [sic] were in a camp. Burning," Raizada said in one of these texts.

Other materials were sent to Upcomer involving a lawsuit with Raizada, but we are currently still determining their relevancy to the situation involving Rick Fox.

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