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Alliance’s Twitter account announced estimated dates and schedules for the 2021-2022 DOTA Pro Circuit (DPC). The tweet was sent out on the morning of Oct. 6.

 The DOTA Pro Circuit 2021-22 schedule

The new schedule is implementing some major changes to the DPC system. According to the tweet, the first leg of the DPC would begin a month after the conclusion of The International 10 from November 29 to January 23. The schedule lists a small break in the middle for Christmas and New Year. This potential start date means that teams would only have a month and a half after The International 10 to finalize rosters for the oncoming season.

The new system is also changing the number of Majors per year from two to three. This change shifts The International to October instead of its usual August start date. The dates and times of everything from the 1st major onwards are as follows:

First Major – Feb. 17-27
Second Season DPC – March 14 to April 24
Second Major – May 11 to 21
Third Season DPC – June 6 to July 17
Third Major – Aug. 4 to 14

While there were about three months of downtime this year while Valve looked to change the location of The International 10, with this new schedule teams would no longer have this break. Instead, there will be a season and Major to play for. While this might be a lot more work for the players, it means even more high-quality DOTA 2 for the viewer. A third Major means even more opportunities for teams to make it out of their respective regions in order to play international competition. For any team that has not made it out of in-region competition, another qualifying for a Major would be an invaluable amount of experience. Teams go to Majors not just to win the tournament, but to practice against some of the best teams in the world.

How this new packed schedule will affect the players remains to be seen.