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The rank system in VALORANT is luckily quite simple but might be a little different if players are coming from a different game.

In this colorful FPS, wins are weighted more than personal performance when it comes to placement. Doing well in matches will impact your rank moving up and down, however, developers have added. To climb to a higher rank, VALORANT players have to try to win games and perform well within those matches.

All VALORANT ranks in order

Here is a list of every single VALORANT rank in order from lowest to highest.


This is the lowest rank in the game. Iron works in VALORANT the same way it does in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. But the tiers are opposite. In VALORANT, the lowest tier within a rank is the first one making Iron 1 the worst rank in the game. There are three tiers within Iron making Iron 3 the highest Iron tier.


The second lowest rank in VALORANT. Bronze works just like it does in League of Legends and TFT as it comes after Iron. In this game, there are three tiers within Bronze starting with Bronze 1 and ending with Bronze 3.


The third lowest rank in VALORANT is Silver. Same as League of Legends and TFT, Silver comes right after Bronze. In this game, Silver has three tiers starting with Silver 1 and ending with Silver 3.


Just like in League of Legends and TFT, Gold is above Silver. In this game, Gold has three tiers starting with Gold 1 and going to Gold 3.


The fifth highest ranked tier in VALORANT. Just like in League of Legends and TFT, Platinum comes right after Gold. In this game, Platinum has three tiers starting with Platinum 1 and going to Platinum 3.


Just like its equivalent in League of Legends and TFT, Diamond comes immediately after Platinum. There are three tiers of Diamond starting with Diamond 1 and going to Diamond 3.


The Master rank equivalent from League of Legends and TFT, Ascendant is the newest rank in the game and follows immediately after Diamond. Just like the previous ranks, there are three tiers of Ascendant starting with Ascendant 1 and ending in Ascendant 3.


The Grandmaster equivalent from League of Legends and TFT, Immortal even has the same color scheme being red. Also like previous ranks, Immortal has three tiers, starting with Immortal 1 and ending with Immortal 3.


Finally, there is Radiant which is the Challenger equivalent from League of Legends and TFT. Unlike all the previous ranks, there is no numbered tiers within Radiant. Instead, players are simply given a number that associates them with their exact place on the ranked ladder. There is no rank above Radiant instead players strive to be Radiant #1, or the best player on the server.



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