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The new Teamfight Tactics expansion has a ton of new traits and champions to explore with some being more competitively viable than others.

But there is one trait that can be both competitively viable while also being a contender for the most fun trait in the game too. Underground is the econ trait in TFT Set 8 but it acts differently than econ traits in the past. Unlike Fortune and Mercenary in previous sets, Underground can be played as a win streak or lose streak econ trait while still giving the high-risk high reward factor players are used to seeing from an econ trait.

Here is a quick guide explaining the Underground trait concept while also showing off all the vault possibilities the Underground trait has in TFT set 8 Monsters Attack!

Underground Vault guide

The theme around the Underground trait in TFT set 8 allows players to assemble a team of thieves to sneak into a bank in order to crack the vault and steal what’s inside.

But it’s not a quick in-and-out job as each vault has locks that have to be destroyed to open the vault. Each win and loss gets players closer to unlocking the vault with losses destroying more locks than wins. And once a player destroys 10 locks, the vault opens. At this point, players are given a choice — either take the loot and run or go deeper and find a better vault for better loot.

While it may seem obvious for players to go for the maximum value, the things in the vault may not be what a player needs to win the game. But luckily, the tables that show every single vault possibility have been revealed to the public. So with this knowledge, players can know what they are getting into.

As we can see from the tables, the maximum Heist ends at seven meaning that at the end of the seventh vault, players will need to take what they are offered with the value of the vault having around 200 gold. But players may find that going for a five Heist may provide the best bang for your buck as its around 120 gold value but much easier to cash out on and one of the possible vaults in heist five gives players two Tacticians Crowns and six bonus orbs which on paper, is incredible.

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