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Earlier today, Activision released the official trailer for the PC version of Call of Duty: Vanguard. This has become a yearly tradition to showcase some of the advanced features that the PC port has over the console versions. In Vanguard, the features that were present in previous years are back but Sledgehammer Games has also upped the ante.

For players on PC, they can begin pre-downloading Vanguard on Nov. 2, provided they’ve digitally pre-ordered the game. They can do so regardless of the edition they choose, though the Ultimate Edition does reward players with a ton of Double XP. From here, it’s all about waiting until Nov. 5 when players can dive in and experience what Vanguard has to offer in terms of gameplay and PC features.

PC features coming in Vanguard

The PC trailer for Vanguard was largely impressive, showcasing beautiful graphics, weather effects and character models. In addition to the gameplay captured on PC, Activision confirmed a laundry list of features coming with the version.

  • Ultra-wide Aspect Ratio
  • 4K Graphics
  • Customized Performance options
  • Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR support
  • Ray-Tracing (RTX) Settings
  • Improved Input Latency

Aside from these features, Vanguard will also arrive on PC with a manageable day one file size. The exact file sizes will depend on what players download. All of the options and file sizes are listed below.

Minimum storage space at launch

  • 36 GB (MP and Zombies)

Recommended storage space at launch

  • 61 GB (MP, Zombies, Campaign with 4K and Ultra Settings)

Hi-Rez Assets Cache and Ultra 4K storage space 

  • Hi-Rez Assets Cache: Up to 32 GB
  • Ultra 4K: Up to 64 GB

The last two options are purely for a graphical improvement. Players don’t need to download either file if they don’t want to. But, for players that do, they can toggle the assets on and off in the game’s settings. For players that just want the multiplayer and Zombies experience, 36 GB at launch is all that’s needed.

Activision also released the full minimum and recommended specifications for the PC version of Vanguard, which is viewable below.

Call of Duty: Vanguard PC specifications
The full specifications list for Vanguard on PC. | Provided by Activision

There will likely be a graphics card driver update near the release date of Vanguard, which players will need to download to have the smoothest experience at launch. Once players have that downloaded, it should be open waters after Nov. 5 arrives.

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