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Revealed earlier today at Call of Duty Next, the movement mechanics have been changed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. While some of the elements from years past remain the same, there is a flurry of new mechanics that players can take advantage of when playing.

As players might have heard of by now, the sliding mechanic has returned to multiplayer. However, there’s also a new diving mechanic that works alongside sliding. Players can either slide or dive depending on their movement speed. If players want to slide, they can do so while sprinting, which then makes them go into a crouch. It doesn’t sound like the slide cancel is possible, but we’ll have to see more from actual gameplay.

However, if players are tactical sprinting (the fastest sprint), and press the slide button, they will go into a dolphin dive. Infinity Ward describes a slide as “more combat-focused” while the dive doesn’t move you as far, but does allow you to get into a more aggressive position. Players can dive through windows, for example, but also go into a tactical drop to surprise enemies.

In addition to those movement mechanics, there will also be a couple of new elements to the overall system. This includes the Ledge Hang, which allows players to equip a pistol when they’re in the middle of climbing or mantling a surface. Players can also Ledge Hang from helicopters and go into a Ledge Hang out of a parachute-decent. Finally, if players are climbing a ladder, they can also equip a pistol to shoot any players on the other side. Of course, in order to perform a Ledge Hang with a pistol, players need to have one of their loadout. Players can’t have an RPG on their loadout and also pull out a pistol during a Ledge Hang.

That’s all of the new information we have regarding the movement in Modern Warfare 2. Stay tuned to Upcomer for all Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 news.

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