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Treyarch has seemingly given the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War community what they want when it comes to grinding. In the past, players have complained about there not being enough to work towards in Call of Duty games. The challenges were subpar, the camos weren’t worth going for, and so on. However, Treyarch has put those complaints to bed with its newest Black Ops title. The challenges are aplenty in multiplayer, and players will spend quite some time completing all of them. Although, the ones that are a bit tougher to complete are the Dark Ops challenges.

What are the Dark Ops challenges in Black Ops Cold War?

Within multiplayer, the challenges section features a few different subsections. Two of these are for the standard challenges, which are labeled as ‘Career’ and ‘Battle Hardened.’ Essentially, these two sections are for the basic challenges that Call of Duty veterans are familiar with.

However, the other category is labeled ‘Dark Ops.’ When players click on this section though, nothing pops up but classified challenges. That’s because these certain challenges aren’t unlocked until you complete them. Of course, the problem many players are running into is that they don’t know what to do in order to complete a Dark Ops challenge. Well, that changes today, as every Dark Ops task has been declassified.

call of duty black ops cold war multiplayer dark ops challenges
Image via Activision


Here is every Dark Ops challenge in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer:

Relentless Killer

  • Earn 10 Relentless medals

Brutal Killer

  • Earn a Brutal medal

Nuclear Killer

  • Earn a Nuclear medal

Frenzy Killer

  • Earn a Frenzy Kill medal

Mega Killer

  • Get a Mega Kill medal

Ultra Killer

  • Get an Ultra Kill medal

Chain Killer

  • Get a Kill Chain

From the Depth

  • Get 25 kills against enemies that are on land or a ship’s surface when you are shooting at them from underwater with a primary or secondary weapon

Hard Wipe

  • Single-handedly eliminate an entire squad of 4 players in a Fireteam mode

Back At You

  • Throw a Frag Grenade back and kill the enemy that threw the grenade at you

Nuked Out

  • Earned a Nuclear medal in Free-For-All without using Scorestreak rewards

Very Nuclear

  • Earn a Nuclear medal with 21 different weapons with all kills coming from that weapon

Underwater Ops

  • While underwater, plant C4 on an enemy-occupied Gunboat or Wakerunner and detonate to destroy the vehicle and kill the occupants 5 times

Dark Ops Master

  • Complete all Dark Ops challenges

As you can see, some are extremely tough to complete. However, the calling cards and XP you earn for each challenge are well worth the time put in.

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