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The Call of Duty: Warzone Intel missions are back for a second week now, and we have the intel locations. If you haven’t done last week’s missions – don’t worry. You can still go back and do them and then find these ones after. These missions see you follow a trail of clues to locations across the battle royale map, gaining XP as you go. The ultimate goal or reward though is as of yet unknown. Maybe it’s just for lore, or maybe you’ll get a reward at the end of Season Four – at the moment, no one knows.

You can only do one of these intel drops per game. The next one will unlock in the missions upon grabbing the previous step, but you won’t be able to grab it in-game until you load up a new lobby. You can continue to play each game to the end after grabbing the week two intel, or you can leave and start up another lobby to get the next one straight away. It’s up to you.

Additionally, you actually need to pull up and look at the intel screenshot in-game before it will appear for you to pick up in Verdansk itself. Simply open the options menu, and then you’ll see a button or keyboard prompt under the challenge that will let you see the clue.

Call of Duty: Warzone Intel week two – location one

Head to the swimming pool that’s just to the south of Storage Town. Simply take the middle of the three doors by the pool to go upstairs and take the right-hand door out of that room, and the Intel will be on top of a trash can on the walkway.

Intel – location two

The clue here says, “west airport tarmac, start there.” So head there and look out for the L-shaped cabin between the Airport map marker and the downed airliner. The Intel will be next to a laptop on a desk in that exact building.

Intel – location three

This piece of the Warzone puzzle is located in the far West (or left) of Verdansk. Just look for a strangely shaped building on the edge of the map, a little above the level of Boneyard. Landing here, you’ll find a bunker with four doors. We want the furthest south of these four. It will have the number 3 above it, since this is Bunker 3.

Go inside and take a hard right and you should see a small hatchway. Drop down there, and at the end of the tunnel should be the Intel on a desk to the left.

Intel – location four

Featuring a completely new mechanic in Warzone this week, you’re going to need the Spotter perk before you can pick up this Intel piece. So before you hop into a game to collect this one, hit up the loadout editor and change the third perk on any of your classes to Spotter.

Now either load up a battle royale game and wait or buy a loadout, or spawn into a Blood Money game to choose that class directly.

Once you’ve got Spotter on your character, head back to the same location as Intel number three and you should be able to pick up Number Four with no problems. Just make sure not to die and come back in Warzone before you get it, as you won’t have the loadout perk anymore and won’t be able to see the clue.

Intel – location five

Warzone Week Two Intel Four Location

This piece shows you a picture of the BCH4 building in downtown Verdansk. The actual location is to the west side of the upper part of the Downtown area. It’s in an L-shaped building, one street away from the storm drain.

You should be able to see the black van parked outside the BCH4 building, and it’s inside the L building just to the west of there (pictured). Inside on the ground floor is what looks like a planning room, with a whiteboard on one side. Hit up the whiteboard for the Intel.

Intel – location six

The last clue says “9.30 train” – so no prizes guessing what area this one will be in. Simply head slap bang in the middle of the Train Station area.

The actual Intel spot is in the main station entrance, on the other side of the building to the platforms. You can see what this should look like in the back of the main photo at the top of the article. Head into that main corridor and you should see the big train timetable above you on one side about halfway down. Walk up to it and the Intel option should appear, completing your hunt.

It seems these Intel missions are leading into a Season 4 storyline, that many speculate may culminate in a nuclear attack and the launch of an entirely new map.

It’s a mystery, but at least you’ve now completed these Call of Duty: Warzone week two Intel missions. Easy!

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